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Atlas Volunteers | We got a plan. Are you ready for it?

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To increase transparency and ensure that all of us can find meaningful ways to contribute, we are launching this monthly newsletter aimed at our volunteers! Here you will find information about our work, ways to contribute, and any other cool thing going on across the movement! So, let's begin :)


So, after months of problem-solving, townhalls, a wonderful General Assembly, and countless discussions with many of you, we managed to spell out (we hope) clearly what the future holds for Atlas

Bottom line, we believe that the best we can do for the future of this planet and the people inhabiting it evolves around the following three activities:

  1. Build a democratic, global governance to provide a space for humans to come together regardless of their differences. In 2023, we will conduct global consultations to crowdsource the details of the global governance we dream of!
  2. Work to make human societies more equitable by advancing an equitist agenda in the corridors of power through elections and lobbying,
  3. Support humanity's path toward openness by creating a community of people supporting each other and taking direct actions to make anyone - also non-Atlas members - feel included. 

Number 1 is our current focus, so…

…but we know that to truly have a shot at changing the world, the three pillars will have to come together in the near future. Number 2 - the political and electoral work - will start in 1-2 years (probably with a sister organization), as the dedicated webpage explains.

Let us know if anything is unclear, as this is a constant work in progress.


So, based on the above-mentioned plan, how can YOU engage? There are two main ways to contribute:

  • Global teams: we currently have four volunteering groups supporting our global work, namely Communications (helping with our social media and design work), Community (onboarding volunteers and managing internal events), Policy (shaping the global governance consultation and research work), and Tech (building & managing the consultation software, as well as exploring new ways of engaging across the world). If you are not already part of a team, please answer this email telling us one team you’d like to join.
  • [NEW!] Local leaders: it looks like after two long years of Covid, we can now start organizing meetups across the planet again. For this to happen in 2023, we intend to set up a network of local representatives/ambassadors: the tasks will mainly include organizing the consultations as well as regular community-building events. We will soon publish all the details on our website; in the meanwhile feel free to let us know if this is something you would like to explore in your city or village!


Last but not least, we are stepping up our comms and would appreciate your support in spreading the news! 

To ensure people - both Atlas members and the external audience - are aware of our plans and contribute to them, we have created the following weekly calendar of activities:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays: we have started to host live streamings sharing our views on key topics we must tackle to build a democratic global governance (see Thursdays). We normally host them on Twitch & Youtube.
  • Thursdays

🛠️ “ How To Build a Country Show”: This is our BIG day, as, on Thursday, we record our "How to Build a Country" show that we then release on Youtube. Click below to see our 2nd episode! Please follow our page, like, comment & share the episode with friends! (suggested text at the bottom of the email ;)

🔊 Members-Led Community Chats: in addition, mostly on Thursdays, Linda from the Community Team organizes online events where Atlas people share their passions, stories, and insights. This week, the topic is Cryptocurrency and Human Rights -> rsvp here, and reach out to Linda if you’d like to share something!

  • Fridays: we intend to start regular lives on our internal Workplace platform for our volunteers to be always on the same page -> the first one will be next Friday. If you are an active volunteer, you can find all details here!

Thank you for reading this long email, but we hope this is of help to clarify and give direction to all of us!

Andrea & Colombe



Message to share “How to Build a Country” with friends

Atlas, the movement I am volunteering with, has launched a Youtube show to explore how we could unite across the planet to build a global, democratic country! It’s quite interesting, and they just got started, so it’d be great if you could check the latest episode out and leave a feedback :)

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