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We want to save humanity by uniting beyond borders. We believe that only in this way can we create a free, equitable, and open world. A place where all humans, regardless of where they live, can thrive in communities not torn apart by inequalities, that are open and inclusive, and where everyone feels free.

We have a plan! 🥁 🥁 🥁 

To make this dream possible, we must first create a democratic global governance where everyone on this planet can make their voices heard regardless of who they are. And for this, we will work to: 

1️⃣ Create a common consciousness 

We are producing in-depth content on this topic. 🎥 We started a YouTube Show where we talk about why we need such a system and link it to current news! 


In addition, we are building a community of people who believe in unity to overcome today’s urgent challenges! 🌏 You can join them at this link!


2️⃣ Build this system from the ground up!

For this, we are designing it according to popular will. This is fundamental, and you can participate in our consultations here. After this, we will build 🔨 those institutions ourselves if current global organizations refuse to hear the people's will! If you want to have a say on how global governance should look like... 

Voice your opinion!


3️⃣ Ensure the new governance becomes and stays relevant

We will need to work within and outside of the current world order to make our vision a reality. This means that through lobbying and running for elections we will be able to make our democratic global system of governance stronger!

We will also need to update its functioning through regular cycles of innovation to ensure its relevance and forward-looking nature!  

Once the development of a global democratic governance is well underway, we will focus on ensuring that human societies are more equitable! To do so, we plan to:

1️⃣ Enter politics and gaining power at all levels of governance is our long-term plan, and in the meantime, we are already doing some of this work as a global political movement. In fact, our first political campaign will be global in nature: we will participate in the 2026 United Nations Secretary-General selection process by filing our own candidate committed to global democracy and an equitable future. 

2️⃣ After the UNSG campaign is over, we intend to create national political parties across the planet to advance our equitist vision - a society where inequalities and discrimination are curbed, and anyone has access to a decent standard of living.


Last but not least, we know that to truly create a global, equitable society, it will be key to support inclusivity and openness among human beings.

Hence we intend to create an ever-growing community of humans bonding together through social and political activities and, more importantly, taking direct actions to make sure that everyone - regardless of who they are and wherever they are from - feels included and supported.

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