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The Survival Bill

Our Global Political Programme, in the making

Our survival is at risk. 

2023 was the hottest year on record. Famines are looming from South Sudan to Yemen. The next pandemic could strike anytime, and we aren’t prepared. Artificial intelligence will impact millions of jobs. Israel is massacring Palestinians amid its occupation and apartheid. China and Russia look beyond their borders to impose their brutal repression, from Taiwan to Ukraine. Those survival risks continue to go untackled by countries and the United Nations despite not being just threats but realities. We can change the tide. For this, our responses must be global, radical and fast. 

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This Survival Bill is a cry for Unity based on the values of equity, well-being and freedom. It is our promise to you: as we run to become United Nations Secretary-General, we will do everything in our power to:

Climate change is destroying the Earth, its inhabitants and our future. Over 3 billion people are highly vulnerable, with those living in low-income countries most impacted. It kills hundreds of thousands each year through heat waves, storms, droughts, and floods. The death toll, economic destruction, forced migration flows, and food and water scarcity will only get worse. 

Unless we take global, radical climate action. Let’s start by moving away from the fossil fuel economy that created a climate crisis on steroids. Now.

We won’t lie; it will be expensive and require sacrifices. We must pay up before it’s too late and pay up equitably. Our transition will be fair. 

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700 million people - one human being in ten -  live in extreme poverty. They survive on less than $1.90 a day, with the COVID-19 pandemic having pushed 150 million more into extreme poverty. People go hungry and lack basic services, such as clean water, sanitation, healthcare and housing. 

And all this in a world of plenty. We produce enough food to feed 1.5 times the global population. We have more wealth and resources than ever, although the Few - some countries, companies and individuals - hoard them. We must redistribute our common goods better and guarantee safety nets for all.

We won’t lie. It won’t be easy. Those who benefit will fight back, and there is no perfect formula. However, the endless cycle of wealth-creating more wealth for the few must end, and instead, it must benefit the many.

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Pandemics have the potential to destroy our civilisation. The havoc caused by COVID-19 is fresh in our collective memory. It killed over 7 million people worldwide, and 65 million are still struggling with long-COVID. The pandemic shut down our economies, weakened our social structures and led to an epidemic of loneliness. 

It didn’t have to be the case. COVID-19 wasn’t just destructive because of the virus but because of our selfish responses. Many deaths were preventable, but we failed to share vaccines globally. We must prepare and ensure that medicines, technology, and know-how are shared equitably during an emergency. 

We won’t lie. There will be another pandemic; it’s just a matter of time. We need to put in place the infrastructure capable of curtailing it and avoiding health apartheid.

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Artificial Intelligence is already impacting every aspect of our lives. From May to December 2023, 1,000% more websites have posted AI-created fake articles, influencing elections and trust. Governments already use the technology to censor, surveil and discriminate. But it doesn’t stop there. 40% of jobs are at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence is not like other technologies. Its potential is infinite, both in the good and the bad. However, just like other technologies that know no borders, it must be regulated globally to be curtailed. There is no other way than having international AI treaties, regulations, and law enforcement mechanisms.

We won’t lie. Multinational corporations will seek loopholes as lack of regulation equals more opportunities to squeeze profits out of our declining privacy, freedom, choices, and ultimately well-being. But we will not give up: AI must be regulated for its risks to be tamed and its benefits to be shared equitably.

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The wars in Ukraine and Gaza make headlines around the world, while others continue to destroy Ethiopia, Libya, Myanmar, the Sahel region, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and other countries. Hundreds of thousands die, more are injured, and entire areas are razed to the ground. Conflicts deny fundamental rights and dreams to whole generations, devastate ecosystems and erase cultural heritage.

Today’s wars divide nations close to breaking point, paralysing the United Nations. The institution is stuck in the hands of superpowers, refusing to stand by international rules, hypocritically choosing when to act against aggression and when to provide diplomatic cover to war crimes. Humanity’s best chance to decrease conflicts and avert the risk of nuclear war is to radically reform the United Nations so that it can end wars, regulate weapons and ensure our survival. It must have the competencies, legitimacy, and resources needed.

We won’t lie. Superpowers do not want to lose their privilege and untouchability nor yield power to a supranational organisation. But doing so remains fundamental: how else can the United Nations ensure peace and security?

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Global freedom declined for the 18th year in 2023. Today, almost 40% of the world’s population lives under authoritarian rule. This impacts the billions of people directly affected, and us all. Authoritarian regimes increase the risk of conflicts and crises, threatening global peace. They are also more illiberal towards minorities, whose rights and freedoms are cracked down upon most. 

No country alone has the leverage to push back against authoritarian states or protect freedom; it is fundamental to present a common front. For democracy to thrive, countries believing in its values must unite internationally. This way, they’ll be able to coordinate sanctions and responses to authoritarian crackdowns and learn from one another to better democratic systems.

We won’t lie. Standing against dictatorship isn’t straightforward, especially when democracies commit some of the ills authoritarian states are accused of. But it is needed for humanity’s future. How else could we start to improve it?

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The United Nations must be able to deal with existential threats to ensure our survival.  For this, we must reform it. Only by having a more democratic, transparent, legitimate, strong and inclusive UN do we stand a chance. 

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This programme is in the making: we are involving the people of the world in finding solutions to the most urgent threats of our times. We will release the final programme after our vote at our July Summit.

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