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Become a volunteer

We need heroes like you to make this project fly! So if you want to volunteer, below you can find the list of teams we are setting up -  feel free to let us know your preferences [max 3] when filling the form. Soon after you do that, you will receive an email to access our internal forum and our team leaders will contact you in just a few days!
  • Candidates: identity, recruit and train potential candidates.
  • Communication: craft our communication strategy and messaging, produce content, and manage social media
  • Media Relations: develop and maintain relationships with media outlets, individual journalists, and so on
  • Community: ensure the development of a vibrant community, onboard new volunteers, identify and activate national "ambassadors."
  • Fundraising: support the creation of a sustainable financial flow to campaign
  • Legal: provide legal support to the global team and volunteers worldwide
  • Operations: support the management of the organization, from financial compliance, process monitoring, and beyond
  • Policy & Research: drive the creation of policy position for Forward and its candidate as well as advance thinking on multilateralism and global issues
  • Tech: support the management of our tech infrastructure and cybersecurity efforts
  • Translations: develop a multilingual capability to translate essential information to our global audience

Will you volunteer?