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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some basic FAQs - feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more info!


  • First and foremost, because we need to get together, from all over the planet, to bring our societies into the future. A global movement is the best hope we have to leave a better world after us: let’s seize it.
  • Second, it will be a wonderful experience: joining a community of thousands of people from around the planet, ready to take action in their communities, support each other, and grow as people it’s opportunity.
  • Memberships fees: we aim to be fully self-funded as soon as possible 
  • Crowdfundings: we launched two crowdfunding efforts that enabled us to get started
  • We are seeking funding from foundations and high net worth individuals 
  • Our tech infrastructure is safely stored on NationBuilder servers (NationBuilder being the top provider of tech solutions for political and social organizations in the United States and beyond)
  • Our emails are protected by google business solution (g-suite)
  • Basically, we did our homework ;)
  • We are opening chapters to advance our political and social demands also in authoritarian countries, by creating teams of expats or even residents under protected identities.
  • Bottom line, we do our best to keep our volunteers safe and sound, wherever they come from!

Yes, we are somehow crazy but no, pushing for a better world is never a waste of time. No big dream has ever been achieved without a long and sometimes difficult road ahead - we are indeed about to start this journey, and we need as many dreamers and doers as possible to join. Will you be one?