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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some basic FAQs - feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more info!

Atlas is the global political movement uniting humanity for its survival. 

Global because many of today’s challenges and opportunities know no borders. Think of climate change, authoritarian threats, technological advancements or space exploration. All those trends have a direct impact on your life. We need a global force present worldwide that can address those trends and ensure that we benefit from them.

Movement because to make our ideas a reality, we need political power. Accessing parliaments and governments will allow us to bring about change in countries across the planet and push for the creation of a democratic global system of governance. Unfortunately, we lack an international forum where citizens like us can challenge the status quo. We must create it ourselves and impact change all over the world. And there’s also a plus: creating a global political movement is a statement in itself, showcasing the power of unity!

Our endeavour is in the making. We are not brand new: we ran advocacy campaigns, built a network of 24,000 people in 134 countries, organised protests and coordinated lobbying efforts for three years, but we are now jumping into politics after long talks with supporters. Thus, we must build up a diverse membership worldwide before establishing Atlas officially at our next Summit

Civilisation is at a breaking point. Because of artificial divisions within and between nations, we cannot deal with monumental issues like climate change or the surge of new technologies, and tensions between communities are growing. It’s time to create a political party that can bring people who believe in the same values and future together, regardless of where they are from, the colour of their skin or their religion. Finally, a political party welcomes anyone working toward a united, free, and equitable future.

Yes. As a political movement, our work involves winning as many votes as possible in every election we participate.  However, we are not blind to the need for cooperation: to make our vision of a united planet that is free, equitable and where well-being is achieved, we need to win, big! Whenever a strategic opportunity arises, we will seek collaboration, especially in 2-party systems (where creating a new political force is extremely hard) or when another political faction is advancing our similar policies.

One, we need you. Building Atlas is a huge undertaking. From bringing it to the most remote corners of the world, ensuring that it serves your community’s interests, making it big enough to impact change and being successful enough to create a united work, this is no small task. We cannot and will not do it alone. We need brains, hearts, and all the energy people can bring! 

Two, you get to be a doer, someone who takes a wild bet, pushes with everything they have, and might just change our destiny. You get to meet amazing individuals with the same values, but looking and sounding different, showcasing how we can unite beyond differences. 

Three, this will be a crazy adventure! We have no idea what tomorrow is made of, but we give it all we have.

We like to think of ourselves as the political home of activists. We strive to bring activists into the halls of power, to keep political systems in check from within, and to advance battles that are too often forgotten. As we are activists at heart, we will continue to perform actions and protests and try to impact change in between elections (and yes, during!)

  • Membership fees: we strive to be fully self-funded as soon as possible. Join us!
  • Crowdfundings: we regularly launch crowdfunding efforts to support us in key moments. Contribute here!

We seek more substantial donations from individuals and philanthropic organisations that align with our vision. If you know anyone who might be able to support us, please reach out to [email protected]

  • Our tech infrastructure is safely stored on NationBuilder servers (NationBuilder being the top provider of tech solutions for political and social organisations in the United States and beyond).
  • Our emails are protected by Google Business Solution (g-suite).
  • Basically, we did our homework ;) !

If you want to open an Atlas chapter where you are from, and the system is not democratic, we can explore possibilities with you. From underground/in-exile political parties to more creative solutions, we are up to the challenge! 

Yes, we are somehow crazy but no, pushing for a better world is never a waste of time. No big dream has ever been achieved without a long and sometimes difficult road ahead - we are indeed about to start this journey, and we need as many dreamers and doers as possible to join. Will you be one?



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