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Newsletter | Did you hear how much governments have increased funding for dirty polluters?

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Dear friends,

Floods. Wildfires. Extreme heat. Climate change is here. It’s not something that might happen far away in the future. Its impact is felt now. Today. Everywhere. And we need real global leadership to stop the worst from happening. 


Read this newsletter to hear more, discover our latest updates regarding our bid to become United Nations Secretary-General, register for upcoming events to shape global politics and more!


Every year, we hear about wildfire disasters in Australia, Greece, or for example, Canada. And it’s expected to get worse: extreme wildfire events will increase by 14% by 2030The impact of climate change is felt everywhere. Extreme weather has caused the deaths of 2 million people and $4.3 trillion in economic damage over the past half a century. Over 376 million people worldwide have been forcibly displaced by floods, windstorms, earthquakes or droughts since 2008, with a record 32.6 million in 2022 alone.

Our lives, environment, and planet are at very serious risk, and world leaders are failing to act upon it. 

This is dangerous because if it continues this way, we are truthfully doomed. So what can we do? Scientists have outlined clear ways forward. We have the money. We have some of the tech. But we lack political will and leadership. 

A clear example is that long-term climate change has been caused by human activity: mainly from the widespread use of fossil fuels in homes, factories and transport. Fossil fuels account for over 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This means we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground. For this, we need to stop building new plants, retire existing ones, and move away from fossil fuel-heavy economies while investing in renewable energy. We must thus stop subsidising fossil fuels and spend that money to support the transition. Not only that, we must restore nature to absorb more carbon and protect the oceans.

I won’t lie to you; this will be hard. Any drastic change in how the world works impacts our lives and livelihoods. Climate change already impacts the most vulnerable, and a transition without adequate support to all those in need would only exacerbate this. But we must keep fossil fuels in the ground, ban subsidies, and move toward a clean future. And we need to do so equitably. We don’t have a choice but to take radical action to stand a chance. And it must start today

Governments have only increased their fossil fuel subsidies to a record $7 trillion in 2022. Unfortunately, as we see, we lack leadership, and nothing is happening. No national government can deal with this. Even if tomorrow, your country were to do its utmost best - as it should - we won’t stand a chance unless all, and especially the biggest polluters - take action. Every year, climate conferences fail to deliver on the hope humanity holds. Consider last year, the joke of holding the last one in the UEA, an oil-producing nation with a former oil executive as the president. Or the inability of the United Nations to hold those truly at fault accountable. 

The time for behind-closed-door diplomacy is gone. Our survival is at risk. The United Nations must provide stronger leadership, stopping at nothing to give us a chance. 



Almost a month ago, we announced that we are running to become United Nations Secretary-General to ensure humanity’s survival. And I’m the candidate for the 2026 selection process. To be honest, I never thought I would do such a campaign. But as you can read above, our survival is at risk. And it’s not just climate change.

Famines are looming from South Sudan to Yemen. The next pandemic could strike anytime, and we aren’t prepared. Artificial intelligence will impact millions of jobs. Israel is massacring Palestinians amid its occupation and apartheid. China and Russia look beyond their borders to impose their brutal repression, from Taiwan to Ukraine. Those survival risks continue to go untackled by countries and the United Nations despite not being just threats but realities. We can change the tide. For this, our responses must be global, radical and fast.  

Endorse our campaign to challenge this broken system, put survival threats on top of the political agenda, and ignite the fire of a revolution that will start at the UN but won’t stop there. This is just the beginning.


In the last 24 days, we have already been covered in quite a few newspapers, had meetings with the announcement, I also met with the President of the United Nations General Assembly and representatives to the UN, and are organising Survival Sundays: massive events to bring your voice and demands to the United Nations. And that’s thanks to all those who supported us! 


To have a chance at saving our planet, regulating AI, stopping the next pandemic, ending wars, alleviating poverty and resisting dictatorship, we need much more than one person. We need you all. Because together, we can create a political revolution, quelling the biggest threats of our times. Together, United, we cannot be defeated! 

  • Volunteer to make this UN Campaign possible or help run for elections in your city/country. 
  • Donate to fuel our efforts. Atlas is funded by small donations from individuals just like you. Help us print material, organise one more event, and keep on building this daring political revolution!
  • Participate in our upcoming global consultations to shape our political agenda & the future of the United Nations. 

I hope you’ll join me in making this possible. Endorse the campaign, volunteer with Atlas, make noise, run for office, and send me any questions or feedback,



Colombe Cahen-Salvador (she/her)

Co-Founder & Candidate for the United Nations Secretary-General 


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