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Who we are

Humanity is facing existential threats, and we need a global political force to deal with them. It’s as simple as it gets.

That’s why we are building Atlas, the global political movement uniting humanity for its survival.

In this pivotal moment, the formation of Atlas, a global political force, isn't just a choice—it's an imperative for humanity's survival. Atlas is not just a movement; it's a revolution, a rallying cry uniting people across continents, from Australia to India and Kenya, from Italy to Ecuador, in a shared mission to safeguard our future. Our ambition is boundless. We're not just advancing a political vision; we're set to push against unjust power structures, challenging even the undemocratic processes at the United Nations. By infiltrating parliaments and influencing governments, Atlas aims to propagate its political vision—the Philosophy of Unity—and instigate a global transformation.

With over 24,000 supporters in more than 134 countries, Atlas is a juggernaut of change, fueled by determination and unity. Our supporters are relentless, driven by a singular goal: success. This is more than a political movement; it's a worldwide crusade for the future of humanity.

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Our Story 

Since 2020, we have campaigned, organised protests and lobbying efforts to fight against authoritarianism, climate change, and inequities

After years of grassroots activism, we are switching things up 🚀. On September 15th 2023, we announced that Atlas is becoming a global political movement.  

Watch out for our first General Assembly that will take place on September 15th, 2024. Until then, we will ensure that our membership is genuinely diverse, build parties worldwide, and officially founded Atlas with a lot of noise. 

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What we stand for

Through our political work, we advance the Philosophy of Unity.

The Philosophy of Unity is a revolutionary manifesto calling for humanity to unite beyond differences to survive and work towards a fairer, freer, and better future. 

A United society must be anchored within the fundamental principles of Freedom, Equity, and Well-being. We can only survive and thrive as individuals, communities, and a planet when we all have access to freedoms, the resources and opportunities we need to flourish fairly. 

To achieve our principles, three systemic reforms are needed. We must:

  1. Democratise wealth and power, 
  2. Ensure equity among groups and 
  3. Unite Beyond Borders.

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We champion this political vision at all levels, from your local council to the United Nations.

Our Targets

Short term (1-3 years): trigger policy change at any level of governance in more than one continent

Medium-term (3-10 years): trigger national-level policy change in all continents 

Long-term (10+ years): affect global policy-making

What we have achieved

… as a political movement, we are just getting started.

But as an advocacy organisation, we have done quite a bit. Here are some of the things we are the proudest of ⤵️. We have:

🚀 Launched multiple activism campaigns on democracy, vaccines, women’s rights, and climate. An example of concrete impact? The director of the World Health Organization  promised to push our vaccine campaign, and we got four countries to boycott a meeting chaired by Russia during its presidency of the United Nations Security Council,

🚀 Ran a political campaign challenging the U.N. Secretary-General Selection process and elected a former head of state as a candidate, which was discussed at the U.N. General Assembly,

🚀 Reached more than 5 million people on social media & recruited +20,000 supporters, and organised hundreds of events, protests & actions across the world,

🚀 Built a coalition of leaders from 4 continents to counter authoritarianism, that included Joshua Wong, Juan Guaido, Veronica Tsapkala, and Audrey Tang,

🚀 Appeared in leading publications such as The New York Times, BBC, Vice, The Economist, Al Jazeera, The Independent, Euronews, Hong Kong Free Press, and TV stations. Gave a TED talk, which supported the further growth of the movement.

Our Past Campaigns


Andrea Venzon
Andrea Venzon
Colombe Cahen-Salvador
Colombe Cahen-Salvador

Advisory Council

Kennedy Graham
Kennedy Graham
Nerima Wako-Ojiwa
Nerima Wako-Ojiwa
Alberto Alemanno
Alberto Alemanno
Tamara Adrian
Tamara Adrian