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The Equitist #20 | Would you vote for an Equitist party?

As you read this newsletter, members of Atlas are gathering for an internal event to discuss the best way to bring our Equitist vision into parliaments and governments across the planet. As you have followed the first baby steps of this newsletter with energy and enthusiasm, I wanted to turn the question to you: would you vote for an Equitist political force? 

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In March 2017, Colombe, myself, and a German classmate, Damian, launched a European political party, Volt. The party entered the European, Dutch, and Bulgarian parliament in just four years. Aside from being my first entrepreneurial/political effort, it showed the power of organizing people across borders behind the same vision.

In late 2019, Colombe and I started changing our minds about what the planet truly needs: not (only) a better Europe or a better [insert country/region name], but actually, a way to come together as humans and tackle together those challenges that go beyond borders, such as inequalities, climate change, authoritarianism, etc. This is why we started Atlas as a social movement (more in this oped), and this is what we do with our community every day by building and promoting the concept of Equitism.

Today, we are deeply convinced about the need to move beyond advocacy to enter the realm of elections. We believe that the world needs a global political force to advance a vision for equity, freedom, and unity in all democratic governments across the globe. To enact policies, such as climate mitigation efforts, that should and must be transnational, but because national interests are often not advanced in a coordinated way.

Today, we see a massive opportunity to prove that humans can come together and look at the future as One People regardless of our nationality, skin color, religion, or any other trait. Imagine how prejudices would be torn down if the same political organization represented both Palestinians and Israelis, both Americans and Mexicans, both French and British.

Today, we think it's time to give the people of the world the ability to influence a country's decisions that have an impact beyond that country's borders. The foreign policy of the next US President or the lack of environmental preservation efforts in the Amazon from the Brazilian government affect our future. Today, the only hope we all have to affect foreign governments' behavior is hoping that our government will do its best to stand up for certain values. As we see during tragedies like the Afghan one, this rarely happens. If there were a global, interconnected political platform, the planet's voice would weigh in domestic politics too.

So, this is our case to build a global political force. Its shape and form - and how it will engage with national, like-minded politicians - are yet to be determined, but the direction seems clear. 

So my question to you is… what do you think? Feedback and ideas are extremely welcomed!


While the team and I continue to produce content for the upcoming Equitist Manifesto (here is a short draft), you can send some comments over, but also much more. Check below some interesting ways you can help in making the world a more equitable place.

  • Interesting sources: check out our piece in The Economist on how citizens movement must take on politics too!
  • Join the team: become a member or a volunteer at Atlas to support the creation of our vision. For example, our Policy, Campaign, or Communication Teams would be glad to have your support to tackle societal discrimination: join us, and our Community Team will guide you to the right people ;)
  • Spread the word: In our quest to create an equitable society, we produce this daily newsletter, (soon) a weekly podcast, and every month together with our 22,000+ followers, we launch campaigns to turn words into action. Please support our work and share the link to this newsletter.

We'll change the world!



Andrea Venzon (he/him)
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✒️ Send feedback and ideas at [email protected]

👉 The content of this email is part of the work to create the Equitist Manifesto. Here you can find the structure we want to follow, and previous issues are available here!

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