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The Equitist

👉 What's this?

The Equitist is the go-to place for Equitist content

Starting as a daily newsletter, it gives you the tools to assess what's wrong with the status quo and contribute to building an Equitist society. By joining this mailing list, you will receive analysis on the most important topics of our time - from Chinese geopolitics to the climate crisis, from the metaverse to economic inequalities - and concrete calls to action to change the wrongs of these times. 

👉 Who am I?

My name is Andrea Venzon and I will be the brain, heart, and hands behind this. As the co-founder of Atlas, I've had the chance to meet amazing people from across the planet and participate in outstanding efforts to improve our societies. However, I recently came to the realization that while great work is been done to fix issues, way less effort is going into thinking about how we can structurally re-think the way forward and ensure that the next generations will live in a more equitable and free planet(s). This is why I came up with the idea of promoting a new ideology, Equitism, and this newsletter will be my main channel to promote it, develop it, and link together the work we are doing at Atlas.

👉 What's Equitism?

Equitism is the political, social, and economic doctrine promoting the idea that to maximize peoples’ well-being, society must ensure equitable rights and opportunities for all. In short, we want to systematically improve society by applying the value of Equity (from Aequitas, justice & fairness) to all its areas. Here you can read our draft manifesto.

👉 Why should you care?

Well, if you also think that the world is not going in the right direction and we are lacking a real idea for tomorrow, this is the place for you. Not only because I hope that through my newsletter you will receive valuable content and inspirations, but also as you will be joining a community of people feeling like you and longing for action. I will do my best to publish this regularly from Monday to Friday, ask and read your feedback, and involve you in projects that will make this vision reality.


This is the beginning of a long journey; subscribe 📩, you will not regret it.

Andrea Venzon

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