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The Equitist #8 | A quest for global Equity

Thank you for following the first week of The Equitist. I could not expect it to be such an involving and exciting project. From crypto to COP26, these first few issues were all about understanding whether Equitism, as a newly born philosophy, could answer the big dilemmas of our time. I am glad to communicate that the answer seems to be a solid yes. While much more work must be done to ensure that Equitism can guide us in the multi-facet, hyper-dynamic reality we live into, we are off to an excellent start, according to the feedback I received.

So what’s now? Now things are getting serious. From tomorrow, while still being anchored in hot news & issues, The Equitist will become the vehicle through which The Equitism Manifesto, a long pamphlet we aim to publish in 2022, will be crafted. Each daily issue will contain a building block of the Manifesto, following this preliminary structure:

  1. Historical analysis 
  2. Core idea & values
  3. Economic Equity
  4. Social Equity
  5. Institutional Equity
  6. Environmental Equity
  7. Future Equity
  8. The Plan

Why are we doing this again? Colombe, myself, and all our colleagues & volunteers have said it for a long time: the world needs a radical change of direction. The COVID-19 crisis, the crisis of social media, or the failure of COP26 are just symptoms of a wider disease: our societies do not value the right things, and the framework we operate into is outdated and inadequate for our times. It cannot be that wealthy communities bicker over the need for COVID-19 vaccines when poorer ones do not even have their vulnerable population covered. It cannot be that two countries oppose the phaseout of fossil fuel, and a global convention like COP26 is derailed (as our future might be). Without Equity - from the Latin word Aequitas, justice and fairness - as the founding pillar of our societies and a democratic global governance giving a voice to the people of this planet, there’s no hope. We must do everything to keep the light on: on one side by developing the Equitist philosophy as a new political proposition, on the other by building a Digital State that can mirror the global governance we advocate for.

The Equitist Manifesto will be the guiding star of this vision, and you can be dead sure: we will make it happen together.

Speak tomorrow and as usual, feel free to send me reflection and feedback!


Andrea Venzon (he/him)
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