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Newsletter - April 18th, 2022

We are delighted to share with you the details of our first-ever General Assembly, that will bring about our transformation into a global political party. The event will take place exactly three months from now, on July 15-17 in Geneva (🇨🇭Switzerland) and online for all of those that cannot travel to this location.

For those of you who have been part of an association or political party, the General Assembly is the moment during which all members make key decisions for the future of an organization 🗳️. Traditionally, it involves voting for the leadership and the political platform, in addition to representing an opportunity to discuss and connect with fellow members. In the last two years, Atlas has operated as a simple non-governmental organization and this is poised to change: from the day of the founding General Assembly onward, we will become a member-led international political party. 

The mission this movement took upon itself is the one of advancing democracy worldwide by advocating for the creation of a Democratic Union (a supranational political and economic alliance open to all liberal democracies) and by advocating for progressive policies at national levels to ensure we live in prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable societies. More details in our previous newsletter, here

Hence, on July 15-17 each one of you – whether you have been a member of Atlas in the last two years or not – will be able to become a founding member of the organization and participate in the Assembly to make key decisions for the future of the movement 🔥. If you are interested in doing so, please express your interest by RSVPing below so that we can send you further communications and details:

, we truly hope you will take part in this historical moment: together, we can protect freedoms and democracy, we can democratize international organizations, and we can better our societies. It’s a great opportunity, let’s not waste it.


Here are many ways to engage in the meantime!

Community Chats

First and foremost, each week our community team organizes wonderful discussions to connect members across the planet and build knowledge. Here is the schedule for the next two weeks:

☝️ Wednesday, April 20, 6 pm UK time, Topic: Human Rights and Euthanasia: Let’s explore the right to alleviate suffering in terminal illness

✌️Thursday, April 28, 9 am UK time, 6 pm Melbourne time, Topic: May 2022 Australian Elections:  An in-depth perspective

These events are normally held in English and are open to all current members – join us to participate


Please join us in advancing our vision and preparing for the General Assembly! Our teams are looking for support in:

  • Events management for the GA, 
  • Policy creation and giving us guiding stars, 
  • Communication and marketing to spread our vision, 
  • Finance and fundraising to keep the lights on, 
  • Tech to keep us positioned at the forefront of change, 
  • Campaign to change the world (right now we are working on climate & arms embargoes!!), 
  • As well as building national chapters across the planet, the obvious key to growth and direct participation. 

If you are interested, our Community Team will promptly onboard you after you:


We hope to see you soon on our internal platform, as well as on July 15-17. Let’s be free, together!


Andrea & Colombe

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