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Newsletter - April 4th, 2022

One month into this mayhem, Russia is not relenting in its shameful aggression on Ukraine. As we said a few weeks back, current sanctions will not be enough. While Ukraine is defending itself valiantly against all odds, much more needs to be done. One month into this war, we cannot deny that the world has changed. We need to ensure that free societies cannot turn a blind eye to dictatorship anymore. As trading with Russia slowly halts, what about doing so with China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and so on?

One month in, it's time to get ahead of global trends instead of just reacting. Atlas is undergoing strategic refocusing with this goal in mind: it will become a political actor focused on protecting, holding accountable, and innovating democracy worldwide. Let us build a democratic front, starting today.

It means that shortly you will be able to vote for Atlas. It means that we, Atlas, will become a global, pro-democracy political party working to:
  1. Protect democracy by investing in institution building, defense, and economic incentives to favor democratic transitions.
  2. Hold democracies accountable by protecting citizens' and communities’ rights, eradicating corruption, and leading with transparency.
  3. Innovate democracy by promoting new ways for citizens' engagement and expanding social nets to lay the groundwork for more forward-looking ideas for an equitable future.

And for all of this to become a reality, we will work to create a Democratic Union: a new global governance. And in places where teams wish to continue their advocacy work, we will of course continue! We will soon release all details on our new website.


To achieve this big vision, we need human power. We need you! Whether you are interested in beefing up our global teams or you think we should open a chapter in your country or city, please:

Otherwise, just become a member: in July, we will host our General Assembly to elect all the party's organs and officially transform the organization into its new form.

Just a few closing words: this is a massive project, and it's easy to get overwhelmed by the thought of it. However, there are moments in history when we need to take a leap of faith and try to reach for the stars. We cannot be governed by fear or how things might not work out. We can see things not going well around us, and no one seems to have a solution. Let's be that solution; let's be that little wave in history that might turn the tide. Let's reach for the stars and might well land on the moon. 

Let's Be Free!

Andrea & Colombe

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