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Sign to Ban Fossil Fuel Subsidies

To the G20 & COP26 leaders,

The climate crisis is ravaging our planet and you still support one of the most harmful industries: the fossil fuels one.

89% of global CO2 emissions come from fossil fuels and industry. 

Yet, in 2020, the production and burning of coal, oil and gas was subsidised by $5.9tn. This number is expected to rise to $6.4tn in 2025.

Fossil Fuels must stay in the ground for the world to stand a chance to fight the climate crisis. Stopping subsidies could cut global CO2 emission by 1/3: let’s ensure it’s the case, let’s save our planet!

Dear leaders, ban fossil fuels subsidies & transition to clean energy, now!

The Citizens of Planet Earth


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  2. Join one of our national campaigns that use participatory democracy tools to get national governments to stop their harmful practices. Our teams are already doing so in Australia 🇦🇺, in the US 🇺🇸 & in Italy 🇮🇹 ! To volunteer with an existing team, or create a new national campaign, sign up here
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🌍 The Planet Earth League 

At the bottom of the page, find the leaders and organisations who stand proudly with this campaign. If you want to join this super league, email us at [email protected]

Who's signing
William Orcutt
Robert Rowe
Ibrahim Mada
Michelle Ngan
Muhammad Lakho
Miriam Mwende
Mohamed Asif
Malik Islam
Anam Ashraf
Mobin Jobs
Nick Loader
Kehinde Dada
Sayed Mohammad Sajjadi
Kambai Daniel
Ololade Oke
Chris Jones
Phillip Akuku Kaya
Jeff Brown
Manaim Khan
Rashi Gulati
Erasmus Kwenge
Just Me
Moise Byenda
Brenda Choi
Emmanuel Onyango
Muhammed Arshad
Ishimwe Jean Baptiste
Hana Zelalem
Muhammad Usman
Martin Halinda

Will you sign?

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Showing 30 reactions

  • William Orcutt
    signed 2023-02-26 22:33:46 UTC
    IMHO when it comes to the #ClimateEmergency – It is not hopeless & we, the people are not helpless!

    It’s up to us – WE,THE PEOPLE to save planet Earth by becoming #ClimateConsumers who actively mitigate global warming by our daily choices of who we donate to, vote for, invest/divest/bank in; what we buy, eat, drive/pedal; to degasifying & electrifying everything; reduce, reuse, recycle; & limit our overconsumption.

    Greta Thunberg: “Politicians are not coming to the rescue of planet Earth” & “Saving the world is voluntary…we need billions of #climate activists”

    William Stanley Jevons : “Value is created by the consumer, not the producer… the consumer is the ‘ultimate regulator of demand’”
  • Robert Rowe
    signed 2023-02-05 22:14:21 UTC
  • Ibrahim Mada
    signed via 2023-01-25 16:39:40 UTC
    The pollutants and contaminants are about taken our environment, let’s work towards stoping that for our generation and upcoming generation to enjoy the available resources around our environment.
  • Michelle Ngan
    signed 2022-12-11 14:02:01 UTC
    We are ruining our planet in multiple ways with the use and burnings of fossil fuels and it needs to come to an end.
  • Muhammad Lakho
    signed 2022-10-30 13:26:06 UTC
  • Miriam Mwende
    signed 2022-10-22 12:43:52 UTC
  • Mohamed Asif
    signed 2022-10-18 08:09:05 UTC
  • Malik Islam
    signed 2022-10-08 13:16:31 UTC
    I will try my best to reduce greenhouse gases emission to protect our planet 🌏.
  • Anam Ashraf
    signed 2022-09-25 18:58:13 UTC
  • Mobin Jobs
    signed 2022-09-03 15:38:03 UTC
  • Nick Loader
    signed 2022-09-02 12:30:08 UTC
  • Kehinde Dada
    signed 2022-09-01 07:07:16 UTC
  • Sayed Mohammad Sajjadi
    signed 2022-09-01 06:27:00 UTC
    Light and blue energy is very light
  • Kambai Daniel
    signed 2022-08-29 05:29:20 UTC
    It a pleasure to be given this mighty opportunity to contribute solution to human crisis globally.
  • Ololade Oke
    signed 2022-08-15 17:46:34 UTC
  • Chris Jones
    signed 2022-08-10 20:55:53 UTC
  • Phillip Akuku Kaya
    signed 2022-08-06 06:35:10 UTC
  • Jeff Brown
    signed 2022-08-02 19:40:14 UTC
  • Manaim Khan
    signed 2022-07-23 08:37:00 UTC
  • Rashi Gulati
    signed 2022-07-18 16:46:14 UTC
  • Erasmus Kwenge
    signed 2022-07-11 11:04:15 UTC
    Our beautiful home is in danger, we need to fight together to0 stop climate change or else mankind will be wiped out of this planet. Together, we can fix it.
  • Just Me
    signed 2022-06-21 15:41:57 UTC
  • Moise Byenda
    signed 2022-06-15 12:48:46 UTC

    We have the honour to come to your attention to submit our request for partnership. Indeed, our Non Governmental Organisation called Actions Solidaires et Multisectorielles pour le Développement Endogène/Relief “ASMDE Relief” in acronym, is an apolitical organisation carrying out its multisectoral activities and is mainly based on gender and development. ASMDE Relief’s mission is to support and accompany technically, strategically and financially vulnerable groups of women, youth and children in their efforts to empower their respective communities through environmental protection, peace building and social cohesion, water, hygiene and sanitation, food security, revolving credit, apprenticeships, education and various training.

    In this sector of intervention, ASMDE Relief has been supporting since 2017 the efforts of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and national and international partners by accompanying community-based organisations in raising awareness and supporting the management and sustainable use of natural resources, community and family reforestation, forest protection, mitigation and adaptation to climate change and biodiversity conservation.

    To do this, ASMDE Relief counts on your support by granting your partnership agreement, funding for the strengthening of its technical, material and financial capacities for its various environmental projects as well as by advocating for support for its interventions with other Technical and Financial Partners intervening in DRC.

    We would like to remind you that ASMDE Relief and its partner organisations have a strong presence in their areas of intervention due to the number of grassroots organisations in their networks and their collaboration with the local authorities, both customary and political. While wishing you a good operation, we would like to thank you, Sir, for your kind attention.

    For ASMDE Relief

    Mr Moïse BYENDA

    Executive Director
  • Brenda Choi
    signed 2022-06-12 10:48:44 UTC
  • Emmanuel Onyango
    signed 2022-06-10 08:01:45 UTC
    I support the campaign to ban fossil fuel subsidies because they are the number one primary cause of pollution.
  • Muhammed Arshad
    signed 2022-06-06 04:26:55 UTC
  • Ishimwe Jean Baptiste
    signed 2022-06-03 09:46:06 UTC
    Digital Life For All
  • Hana Zelalem
    signed 2022-05-12 20:08:47 UTC
  • Muhammad Usman
    signed 2022-05-12 16:38:46 UTC
  • Martin Halinda
    signed 2022-05-11 19:28:12 UTC
    this is a monster we need to fight.