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Taiwan, the Future of Democracy

Across the world, democracy is in decline. From authoritarian regimes cracking down on freedoms and rights, to democracies themselves backsliding. 

But one country is managing to come up with new innovative ways to live democracy every day, to engage citizens, to leverage technology. It’s Taiwan 🇹🇼. It has emerged as one of the most significant players in the effort to modernize democracy, making it inclusive and appealing to citizens again, and as such playing a fundamental role in making sure that the tide of world affairs turns once more in favor of the democratic model.

Such democratic practices have spilled over in other sectors, making Taiwan able to lead by consensus on hot topics like the online sale of alcohol or operations of Uber in the country or to have a very effective response to the pandemic.

In this video, learn more about Taiwan’s democratic journey, what digital democracy is and why across the world governments should look to the country for guidance and inspiration on this! 

Then, tell us in the comments any other form of innovative democracy you have seen! We’ll then use that to inform our campaigns to protect and promote democracy! 💌  [email protected]


Key topics:

  • Democracy across the world [0.26] 
  • Taiwan: basic facts [1.19]
  • Hsin C Hsiao, Member of the Open Government and Open Parliament Forum [2.25]
  • Audrey Tang, Digital Minister, Taiwan [2.37]
  • The Uber Case [3.01]
  • Sam Robbins, Project Coordinator at the Open Culture Foundation [4.13]

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