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Episode 2 | How to make Democracy Sexy Again?

Democracy is not just a way to be governed. Democracy is a way of creating a better world, but for this, all voices need to be heard. This means we need to completely reimagine it, to revolutionize it! Throughout this episode, Colombe & Andrea will talk about the fact that democracy is losing ground but also the issue with the lack of innovation in this field. To understand how to make democracy sexy again, they’ll call on Digital Minister Audrey Tang, who is spearheading Taiwan’s advances when it comes to digital democracy & participation!





Key topics:

Democracy & Equity [0.40] 

Democracy is backsliding [3.00] 

Interview of Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s digital minister [13.27]

  • Intro to digital democracy by Audrey Tang [16.52]
  • The case of Uber & how Taiwan found consensus [20.44]
  • Can digital democracy work on global challenges like climate? [24.05]
  • Is technology a threat to democracy? [26.55]
  • The risk of the tyranny of the majority & how to avoid it [29.41]
  • How to avoid the worst of COVID-19 in  a transparent way [32.11]
  • What about the blockchain? [37.17]

Looking beyond Taiwan: participatory democracy [42.19]

Democracy & global governance [51:00]

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