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Atlas Newsletter | 2023 was brutal… Will you help us change the tide in 2024

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Dear friend,

This is not yet another festive newsletter. Truth be told, this year has been harder than expected for most people, and as we reflect on 2023 we are left with worries, heartbreak, and rage. Read on, there is hope, but let’s not shy away from the truth: Israel is still devastating Gaza. COP28 failed to take radical action. AI is going unregulated. All of this is putting our survival and what we hold dear at risk. We want to fight to stand a chance. And we know how! But we need your support. 

2023 wasn’t all bad. Atlas organized democratic consultations from Nairobi to Bogota, passing by Bucharest, led a 4-countries boycott of Russia at the United Nations and adopted the Philosophy of Unity as our founding ideology. 

But truth be told, none of this was adequate when considering the existential threats that are going unchecked. We grew uneasy with the direction of Atlas and made the radical decision to become a Global Political Party to seize power and enable humanity to survive and thrive. 

As some say, we are condemned to succeed. We enter the new year with the ambition to

But to turn these aspirations into reality, we need your help more than ever. Atlas is funded by people like you through small donations. And we are struggling when we need to thrive to stand a chance: our work is becoming more complicated operationally and legally. We also need to get some full-time staff, as running for the United Nations is a challenging job.  So, if you have a few $$$ to spare, this is the time to chip in. If you have contacts that might be able to support us further, please reach out! 

Besides, you can imagine that we also need lots of heroes to make our dreams come true. So if you have a good deed for 2024, make it a point to volunteer with our global or national teams to build Atlas further.

Together, we can change the tide and forge a path toward a brighter, more unified future. Your support, whether financially or through volunteering, is the cornerstone of our journey. Thank you for being a part of Atlas. Let's make 2024 a year of unprecedented achievements: let’s channel this anger we feel and create change.

Happy holidays,

Andrea & Colombe

Atlas Co-Founders

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