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Atlas 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ | A Journey of Transformation and Global Impact

As the sun sets on 2023, we reflect on a year marked by groundbreaking milestones and visionary initiatives at Atlas. This year was not just about incremental steps; it was a quantum leap in our quest to reshape global politics and governance.

🌏 2023 was the Dawn of a Global Political Force: Atlas as a Political Party 

In 2023, Atlas made a historic leap, evolving from an advocacy group to the world's first global political party. This bold move, taken during an internal Summit in July and announced in September, is a testament to our commitment to transcending traditional political boundaries. It's a response to the urgent need for new solutions to global crises, to the existential threats we are all facing: it’s a cry for survival. Our General Assembly in Nairobi, 14-15 September 2024, is set to be a pivotal moment where our global community will convene to shape the future of this new political entity​​. While awaiting for the founding moment, our team has visited India, Australia, and New Zealand to establish local chapters and will head to South America in January 2023.

💥 We embraced our new ideology: The Philosophy of Unity 

This year also marked the adoption of the Philosophy of Unity as our guiding ideology. This philosophy is more than an abstract idea; it's a practical manifesto for change. It calls for uniting humanity beyond differences to ensure our survival and achieve a utopic society based on Freedom, Equity, and Well-being. By advocating for democratizing wealth and power, ensuring equity among groups, and promoting unity beyond borders, this philosophy forms the bedrock of all our policies and strategies [for an in-depth understanding, visit]

🇺🇳 We started a New Chapter in International Politics: The UN Secretary-General Campaign 

Just before the end of the year, we officially started operations to conduct a massive campaign to challenge the leadership of the United Nations in 2026/27. It’s time for the people to have a voice at the UN, or the institution will disappear. We will propose an Atlas candidate, as only a global political party can do. As you might remember, in 2021, we performed a very similar effort: in just two weeks, thousands of people joined our primaries and very important media outlets covered our effort. Our candidate was discussed at the UN General Assembly before being vetoed/ignored by the Security Council. We were so successful that the UN changed its rules and is making it harder to present candidates this time around. But we are not scared: this campaign is more than just a political manoeuvre; it’s a mobilization of our ideals and principles at the highest level of international politics, aiming to influence the global agenda towards more unity and cooperation​​.


🇺🇦 We advocated for Global Justice: a campaign to Boycott Russia at the UN 

In response to the horrific crime of the Russian Federation and the inability of the United Nations to take a stance, in April, we launched the campaign to boycott the Presidency of Russia at the UN Security Council. This campaign was a stand against violations of international law and human rights. It underscored our commitment to a world order that upholds justice and peace, and it served as a call to the international community to join us in this stance for righteousness.  Despite our best efforts - protests, email blasts, media pressure - we only managed to push four nations to boycott Russia’s Presidency of the United Nations Security Council. This could be a good success for many, but not for us. For us, the only acceptable scenario was the one where Ukraine could feel the real support of the world and not just more empty words.


🎤 We explored what Democracy really means: our Global Consultations

In collaboration with the Democracy and Culture Foundation - associated with the New york Times - we have organized consultations across the planet to explore what citizens want and expect from their governments, institutions, and democracy at large. Extensive consultations across the world have laid the groundwork for a model of governance that's inclusive and representative, where every voice counts. Through this project, we have hosted very successful gatherings in Nairobi, Bucharest, Bogota, and Prague.


🚀 Looking Forward: The Path Ahead 

The achievements of 2023 have given us hope, but they are just the beginning. As we step into 2024, we aim to carry forward the past year's momentum, lessons, and inspirations. The next 365 days will be pivotal in our journey to become a global political party, and we want to make sure we get them right. We will work tirelessly to advance our main priorities, namely

  • Legally establish the first Global Political Party in history, as we will be organizing our Founding Assembly on September 14-15, 2024, in Nairobi and online
  • Launch our first major political campaigns to challenge the leadership of the United Nations as well as enter the national parliament of a G7 country

Each member, supporter, and ally is a vital part of this journey. Together, we are poised to continue shaping a world that is more united, equitable, and thriving.

In Unity, 

The Atlas Team

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