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Atlas Newsletter - November 22nd, 2021

November 22, 2021

In the aftermath of the first Summit between U.S. President Biden and China’s President Xi, uncertainties about the future are running high. While the two superpowers are trying to de-escalate tensions, it’s clear that the years ahead will be bumpy: democracy, climate, and many...

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The Equitist #12 | A borderless Dilemma

November 19, 2021

After having explored the decline of democracy and the surge of the digital world, today I'd like to take what most of all screams for the creation of a global equitist front: the cancellation of barriers, or in other terms, "we are all in...

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The Equitist #11 | A Digital Life

November 18, 2021

After exploring the external and internal threats democracy is undergoing, I intend to dive into another fundamental shift of our times: the dramatic surge of the digital revolution. Being almost in my 30's, I am old enough to remember life before the internet was...

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The Equitist #10 | The Fall of The Empire

November 17, 2021

Yesterday, I was having dinner with a dear friend of mine, and the conversation moved to the topic of democracy, and inevitably China & U.S. relations. He told me: "If China moves to annex Taiwan, and the West does nothing to protect the island,...

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The Equitist #9 | When history turns

November 16, 2021

The only way to read the future is to understand the past. In a historical moment when things move at a vertiginous speed, when the global superpower may lose its supremacy in a decade, or a crypto coin might become the world reserve currency...

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The Equitist #8 | A quest for global Equity

November 15, 2021

Thank you for following the first week of The Equitist. I could not expect it to be such an involving and exciting project. From crypto to COP26, these first few issues were all about understanding whether Equitism, as a newly born philosophy, could answer...

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