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Forward officially asks the UNGA and UNSC to wait for global primaries | Press Release

April 20, 2021

Forward officially informs the UN about its people-backed Secretary-General selection process and asks the UNGA and UNSC to not confirm another candidate before mid-May. Read the Press Release by Forward, the first global, progressive political movement running primaries to find a non-male people-backed candidate to run...

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Limited Hong Kong Protests documentary book sets for donations over $200 (UK only)

April 16, 2021

The protesters in Hong Kong got the world's attention in 2019. Their tactics, organization, and their art of resistance inspire freedom movements around the world.  Thanks to the support of a generous donor, we have 10 sets of VOICES and DEFIANCE for the first...

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Member Voices | 5 quick facts about Ramadan

April 13, 2021

This week marks the start of Ramadan for more than a billion Muslims around the world. Muslims who observe Ramadan will begin month-long fasting during the daytime. However, Ramadan fasting could be seen as a “sign of extremism” in some places. For example, Uyghurs...

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