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Atlas Donors | A massive thank you and an exciting road ahead!

Dear friend,

We owe a big THANK YOU! Thanks to your financial contribution to Atlas in 2022, you not only enabled us to survive but also gave us the confidence to dare much more in the future! You can read more about it below, but first ⤵️

Donors newsletter: Starting today, we will send monthly newsletters to our donors (we also do it for members & volunteers) to ensure full transparency, keep you updated on how we are spending our funds, as well as let you know when real needs arise to keep our beautiful dream of a more united world alive!


As you can read on our website, Atlas relies on two main sources of funding: 1) membership contributions (monthly, recurring donations from supporters all over the planet), and 2) one-off grants to implement special projects.

As of now, membership revenues oscillate between $1000 and $2000/month. Grants revenues vary widely depending on the projects we are able to launch: for example, in Q2 2022, the Taipei Representative Office to the U.K. partnered with us with an $12k grant to develop a pro-democracy video campaign.

Given the darkening economic outlook of 2023 and the difficulty in forecasting grants and one-off donations, we will work to build up our membership contributions to ensure we can always cover the core expenses of the movement.


As always, we will send a comprehensive report of our actvities at the end of the year, but here is a quick snapshot. 

  1. Until June 2022, Atlas could compensate our team – co-founders and a communication manager for the first two months of the year– with a stipend of around $3k/month pre-tax for their full-time commitment (London average salary is $4,150/month). We are now woking hard to fundraise to be able to geta full-time team back on track!
  2. Aside from personnel costs, the bulk of other monthly expenses – around $400 to 500/month – is dedicated to website maintenance, database, software, and other IT costs.

We are continuously trying to fundraise, whether by increasing our membership base, launching crowdfunders or applying for grants & projects. As such, we hope to be able to start compensating & expanding the team again in 2023. In addition, as we will be running consultations across the world, we hope to be able to support financially the growthof local teams (e.g. by sponsoring marketing material and similar).


As mentioned earlier as well as in  recent communications (here and here), we have recently started a monumental effort to explore the creation of a democratic, global governance. Read here our detailed plan, which entails, among other things:

👂 Global online and offline consultations across the planet to understand how people – regardless of their nationality, religion, skin color, or any other trait – wish to see this planet coming together to face climate change, nuclear proliferation, and similar threats,

🇺🇳 A campaign in front of the United Nations to present a people-backed candidate endorsing our vision for global democracy at the helm of the organization,

🎥 A daily youtube and twitch broadcast on several topics related to our mission – we just published our latest episode… 



As you can imagine, this is a lot for our small team! So here are a few ways you can contribute to our mission and help us go bigger, faster, and further:

🗂️ Subscribe for a monthly membership, or upgrade your existing one at this link!

💰Make a one-off donation or a recurring one via credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer!

📩Reach out to your contacts to ask them to support our work!

Lastly, we will soon launch a Christmas/end-of-the-year crowdfunding effort to fuel our consultations, and we hope that you’ll be able to contribute!

If you need support for any of these actions, you can reach our team via email anytime. We also would like to mention that so far, we are able to provide tax relief for donors based in:

🇪🇺 The EU, as an EU-based NGO

🇺🇸 The US, through a 501(c)3 partner organization offering fiscal sponsorship

So, thank you for bearing with us this year and for supporting our ambitious world vision, which we will keep fighting for in the difficult months and years ahead. Together, we are stronger, and we know that you have our back!

Andrea & Colombe, for Atlas

Co-Founders Atlas

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn Instagram | TikTok | Youtube | Twitch

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