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The Equitist #21 | We talked about business. Now let's talk about rights!

Last week in this newsletter, we discussed a few ideas to create an Equitist economic system. From discussing the issue of wealth accumulation, the topic of fiscal irresponsibility of major corporations, to how businesses should operate in an equitist world, I think we got a few strong pointers here to rethink our economy. Much more will be analyzed and dissected in the future, but in the meantime, I feel we are ready to jump into the next chapter.


Let's talk about Social Equity! Across the planet, rights and freedoms are constantly under attack, and in 2021 more than ever, it is important to highlight what citizens should expect as a baseline in an equitist society and how governments are failing at their duty. This is what we call "Fundamental Rights." We will then move on to opening another chapter, "Basic Services," detailing the priority investments any Equitist state should work toward for their citizens." Lastly, we will open the topic of "Intergenerational Equity," deep-diving into the obligation each generation must have toward the following ones.

Ready for it?


A massive contradiction exists in modern societies. Basic freedoms and rights are often not yet granted, contrary to any logic. Equitists have the paramount obligation to influence governments and institutions to correct these wrongs. No construct, governance, or cultural peculiarities can justify a restriction to access these rights.

Equitism demands that individuals must be given an equitable footing and the possibility to pursue their dreams throughout their lives while contributing to the overall prosperity of their community. One's life must not be determined nor valued differently by the characteristics such as gender, sex, skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, health, religion/faith, nor by their age, geographical location, nationality, socio-economic backgrounds, but by their character, the power of their existence, convictions, by their aspirations, ambitions, vows, and desires.

Equitists stand for the protection and promotion of freedoms and rights, including and not limited to freedom of speech, freedom of movement, political freedom, freedom to love, rights of privacy, rights of owning one's digital identity and data, rights to express one's sexuality and identity, rights to terminate an unwanted pregnancy or have autonomy over one's own body, and the freedom to alleviate one from suffering and terminal illness. 

The followers of Equitism put the highest value in providing each human being with the tools needed to achieve one's own path, without dogmatic rigidity but freedom of choice. Individuals must also have access to reliable and free information to ensure that all members of society can exercise their judgment. Only then can every person create a well-informed opinion on past and current issues and fully grasp the future and the implications that today's actions might have on it. 

Only once these fundamental rights are granted, only when no single human is constrained in their access to these building blocks of civilization, an Equitist society is fully accomplished.


While the team and I continue to produce content for the upcoming Equitist Manifesto (here is a short draft), you can send some comments over, but also much more. Check below some interesting ways you can help in making the world a more equitable place.

  • Interesting sources: read about the difference between Equity and Equality!
  • Join the team: become a member or a volunteer at Atlas to support the creation of our vision. For example, our Policy, Campaign, or Communication Teams would be glad to have your support to tackle societal discrimination: join us, and our Community Team will guide you to the right people ;)
  • Spread the word: In our quest to create an equitable society, we produce this daily newsletter, (soon) a weekly podcast, and every month together with our 22,000+ followers, we launch campaigns to turn words into action. Please support our work and share the link to this newsletter.

Thank you for reading these few words about fundamental rights! Feel free to email me back if you see anything missing or you have any good idea, and let's take it from here :)

We'll change the world!




Andrea Venzon (he/him)
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👉 The content of this email is part of the work to create the Equitist Manifesto. Here you can find the structure we want to follow, and previous issues are available here!

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