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How to Build a Country | Season 0, Episode 8

Will 2023 be the year we build a global country, helping us move toward a truly equitable society?

One year ago, we had similar hopes. 2022 brought great scientific advancements (give it up for nuclear fusion ✊) but also terrible tragedies (#Putin's imperialism topping them all).

In this 8th episode of "#HowToBuildACountry," Andrea Venzon & Colombe Cahen-Salvador close season 0 with a strong message of hope - wishing to us all that 2023 will see the first steps toward a people-backed, global governance - and some insights into what will come next on this show!

About Atlas⚡

At Atlas, we are working to ⚒️ build a global system of democratic governance. Basically, a global country. Insane? Potentially! Needed? Definitely!

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