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How to Build a Country | Season 0, Episode 7

Would a #worldgovernment save - or doom - us all?

The dream of creating a global empire, kingdom, or republic has existed since the dawn of time. From the Egyptians' Pharaohs to Philosopher Immanuel Kant, people have toyed with the idea for millennia. Now that #climatechange bewilders our planet, can we afford not to act upon it? And if we succeed, can we ensure that #democracy sits at the core of it?

In this 7th episode of "#HowToBuildACountry," Andrea Venzon & Colombe Cahen-Salvador travel across times to explore how a world government has fascinated humans in the past and discuss the utopian and nightmarish scenarios we might have ahead of us!

About Atlas⚡

At Atlas, we are working to ⚒️ build a global system of democratic governance. Basically, a global country. Insane? Potentially! Needed? Definitely!

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