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The future of NOW! Survey - first results

First and foremost, thank you to all the ones that took the time to feel the “Future of NOW! Survey”. If you did not have time to fill it, it's still open!

Key Insights

With several hundred replies, we started to extract some very interesting insights! Here are some: 

The 5 main global issues identified by our community are:

  • climate change
  • the erosion of democracy
  • fake news & misinformation
  • discriminations
  • economic inequalities

The top 3 alleys to affect global challenges are: 

  • More cooperation across borders
  • More education
  • More participation in political processes

67% of people think that a democratic, transnational governance would solve these problems (22% don’t know, 10% are against).

Key Trends

On the more qualitative side of questions, here are some of the key trends we have isolated:

  • Nation-states/national interests are a source of many of today’s problems, and we need to push for a more global approach
  • The problems we are facing are intersectional in nature: a coordinated multi-topic approach must be explored to tackle them
  • Authoritarianism is a threat to the world, especially in the shape of the Chinese Communist Party
  • There is a need for a platform to give voice to people who feel unheard across the globe

What's next?

Our team will continue to synthesize the key outcomes of the exercise. Very shortly, we will be sending out a second, longer survey to go deep-dive into the interesting points you have raised. These will be the base for our “2021 & beyond” strategy.

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