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Atlas Newsletter | We have news: Atlas is entering politics 🚀

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Dear friends,

Today is a big day! Not only is it the International Day of Democracy, which is a cause for celebration, but it’s also the day we announce that Atlas is entering global politics. Yes, you heard well: global politics! 

Today’s problems know no borders, and we need a global political force to deal with them. It’s as simple as it gets. So we are building Atlas, the global political party in the making uniting people worldwide to create a freer, better and more equitable planet.


We will run for elections from 🇮🇳India to 🇰🇪Kenya, 🇮🇹Italy to 🇨🇷Costa Rica, and even challenge undemocratic processes at the 🇺🇳United Nations. Accessing parliaments and governments will allow us to advance our political vision and bring about change worldwide!

Our political vision derives from the Philosophy of Unity, a revolutionary manifesto calling for humanity to unite beyond differences, anchored within the fundamental principles of Freedom, Equity, and Well-being.


How can you help? Becoming a global political party will require lots of resources, and we can only do it with you. If you can, volunteer with our teams and join our crowdfunding effort.

We know this is a lot to take in. If you want to learn more, you can join the YouTube Live Q&A that we are starting right now!


Join us in our mission to unite the world. #WeAreOne. 


Andrea & Colombe


Andrea Venzon & Colombe Cahen-Salvador


P.S.:If you are on social media, please support & share our announcement video!


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