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Newsletter - June 27th, 2022

The world is scary today. Humanity faces an environmental crisis; authoritarians often have the upper hand, and inequalities are soaring. Traditional political agendas seem ineffective as - even in the rare cases when politicians are competent and ready to do the right thing - issues are beyond national governments' control.

Are you ready for a positivity rush? These days, we all need it…

So what if I tell you that we are hacking the political system and might have found a way to turn the tide on issues like climate change, wars and conflicts, or authoritarianism? What if I tell you that voting for the lesser evil or abstaining one more time, are not the only options you have? What if we can start here and now to fix our societies?

You might not believe this is possible, but if you know us by now, you probably also know that we have a track record of turning big ideas into reality. Building a global political party might take years, but has anyone else offered a valid alternative for saving our future? Probably not.

So please read our updates below and, if you can…

{{recipient.first_name_or_friend}}, LET’S BUILD A NETWORK 🕸️

“Hi, this is Andrea. I am reaching out personally as we are starting a big effort to bring our political vision to the ground across the planet. We have just created teams to participate in local elections in London, Los Angeles, Oviedo, and Paris and test our Equitist message at the grassroots level in different cultures and locations. However, we want more: so please reply to this email or reach out at [email protected] if you believe that your city/town/village or even country deserves to lead the charge toward a freer, just, and sustainable global society”

We could not say it better! Please get in touch, as the big issues we are trying to tackle will not wait for us to have some free time nor to come back from our holidays - the time to act is now.


On July 2nd, our Policy Team will be online for the whole day to discuss our fundamental values and policy priorities with our members and prepare the ground for voting in the General Assembly. This is what we call a Policy Weekend!

If you are interested, the program will look roughly this way (all times are UK time): 

🇺🇳 🚀 10 am - 12 pm | Transnational Governance and Future Equity | Andrea & Colombe

✊🌳 1-3 pm | Social Equity and Environmental Equity | Rey (Policy Co-Lead)

💰🏫 4-6 pm | Economic and Institutional Equity | Robin (Policy Co-Lead)

We hope to see you there!

Yes, we know - a global vision of a fairer society is not something easy to express in just a few words. This is why we have (re)started our Equitist newsletter, an effort to progressively form a new philosophy to guide our political action. Here is an excerpt from a few days ago:

“Our collective duty today is not only to solve the immediate crisis we face but to look beyond the current obstacles to imagine tomorrow’s society. If we limit ourselves to mending today’s problem and then carrying on with business as usual, history shows that the next generation - or the one after - will face the same issues we are fighting against today. This thought struck me today while walking in a small Italian village where I came to visit my mother. On the wall of a local school, there’s a marble plaque eroded by the weather, reporting the words of a famous writer, Primo Levi, who was interned in Auschwitz: “If understanding is impossible, knowing is imperative, because what happened could happen again. Conscience can be seduced and obscured again: even our consciences.” Two generations after one of the biggest tragedies perpetrated by humanity, peoples that suffered extensively from those events - Russians and Ukrainians - are back at war. Once more, the world is split in their support of the invader or the invaded, even if there’s no doubt about who’s who.”

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Atlas will host its founding General Assembly on the 16-17th of July in Geneva (Switzerland) and Online. We are glad to communicate that we have:

📌 A confirmed location for the physical meeting: the Geneva Impact Hub, a fantastic venue that shares our founding values;

🎤 Several speakers confirmed, such as the world-renowned youth climate activist Licypriya Kangujam from India and the Secretary-General of the Community of Democracies, Thomas Garrett

📋 A preliminary program for the weekend

Cool, right? So...

Once you fill out this form, remember to check your email and fill out the questionnaire you receive - this is a vital step to be admitted to the GA!


This is all for today - let’s keep on pushing, let’s keep on building until we prevail!


Andrea & Colombe


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