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Atlas Newsletter | Yes, we are a political party! Here’s a recap & how you can help!

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Dear friends,

Less than a week ago, we declared our intention to become a global political party to advance our Philosophy of Unity in parliaments and governments across the planet. It was a lot to take in, so we figured a little summary of what we have done, why, and what your role can be in it might be useful! 

But first, if you can...



Let’s start from the basis: for three years, we have done advocacy work across the planet as an international NGO. You can read about our past work here. A few months back, our leading volunteers agreed that it’s time to transition to become a global political party, as governments worldwide are turning a blind eye to the incumbent economic crisis and climate emergency, and we cannot in good conscience let that happen anymore.

We intend to get power ourselves and establish the first global political party in the history of this planet. Check out this video for the full explanation.



In practice, this means that very soon, we will start running for elections worldwide. We are planning an extensive campaign to present the first people-backed candidate as the next Chief of the United Nations (in a very undemocratic process) as well as running at the national and local levels in countries where we have a strong presence, such as India, Italy, Kenya, and Costa Rica, and beyond. These preliminary plans will be shaped by the new volunteers and leaders we are onboarding right now.

To make this happen, we are embarking on an effort to establish political parties and create stronger communities in a few key countries where we already have a good presence. In October, our co-founder will be focusing on India and travelling there to hold events and start the legal incorporation of Atlas India. Then, they will head to Nepal for the same reason. In the meantime, volunteers across the planet are working to establish national entities in a few nations, including Kenya and Italy. If you are interested in helping out building a national organization, please let us know!



As we believe that only saying what we are against is not enough, we put in the time and effort to develop a vision of where we want our societies to go next. We called it the “Philosophy of Unity” as Unity is the value that encompasses all our beliefs: if we move beyond artificial divisions – borders, racism, religious hate – we will unleash great benefits for humanity, nations, and local communities. As we know, this world is not a fairy tale; we actually have strong reform proposals to achieve our work, namely_

  1.     Democratize wealth and power
  2.     Ensure Equity across groups
  3.     Unite beyond borders to tackle global challenges

You can read the complete Philosophy of Unity document on its dedicated website.



Ok, now let’s get to you. Assuming you like what you read above, there are two main things you can do to help us make it a reality:

  1. Volunteer your time for this effort. Even 30 minutes a week can make a difference. You can join our global teams (tech, policy, comms, community, legal, strategy) or help us establish national and local parties. Express your interest on the dedicated webpage, and then you will be invited to an onboarding meeting to understand better how to add value.
  2. Donate. We know that this is a tough request as many of us are struggling financially or are saving for some big dream. However, Atlas is a very big dream that can make a big difference in the world if successful. Right now, we are running on a very small budget, and the whole organization is run on a volunteer basis, including us – Andrea and Colombe. We have opened a crowd funder to help us in the first mile while we fundraise bigger tickets – if you have $20 of $50 to spare, consider chipping in. If you have followed our work, you’ll know that we run extremely efficient operations and make the impossible with a few bucks. If you don’t know us, research our work and take a leap of faith: we are big visionary but more financially responsible than Uncle Scrooge.


If you have any doubts, questions, or proposals, please reply to this email, and we will get back to you real fast!

I hope this clarifies doubt and shows you the direction we are taking. We will make history.


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