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Newsletter - May 4th, 2022

Every five years, the United Nations selects its new Secretary-General in a very undemocratic process. Guess what? We believe it’s time to bring the people’s voice to the United Nations

Read about our daring project, but before jumping into that, please read some new exciting details about our upcoming General Assembly below; 👉 remember to RSVP and/or contribute to our crowdfunding to make this possible :)

As you might remember from our last newsletter, Atlas will host its founding General Assembly on the 15-17th of July in Geneva (Switzerland) and Online. While we already have more than 100 confirmed participants, we want more! So if you wish to be a founding member of a global political party, if you want to join the struggle to unite people across the planet for democracy and equity, if you think it's time to look beyond nation-states to solve the biggest challenges of our time, please:

We are glad to communicate that we now have:

📌 A confirmed location for the physical meeting: the Geneva Impact Hub, a fantastic venue that shares our founding values;

🎤 A first speaker confirmed, world-renowned youth climate activist  Licypriya Kangujam from India

📋 A preliminary program for the weekend -> details here!

Cool, right? However, to make all of this possible, we need your support. To offset the event's cost, we will be asking those joining us in person in Geneva to contribute with a small donation and anyone else - joining online or just supportive of our mission - to contribute if they can! So please, whether you’ll join us or not, click below and help us make the magic happen :)


If you have followed our work for the last few years, you might remember that in 2021 we launched the "Forward Campaign," an effort to elect a people-backed, female leader as the Secretary-General of the United Nations (female as in 80 years there's never been one…). Despite it being a small, last-minute effort, thousands of people supported us in just two weeks. Our candidate, the former President of Ecuador, was discussed by the United Nations General Assembly before ending up being ignored by the Security Council. For the first time in history, a candidate proposed by the people and not by a country arrived at this stage. Well, building on this success, and given the fact that we are going "full-political," we think that the next time around, in 2026, might be the right time to bring democracy to the United Nations or - if we fail - show the need to rebuild completely.

What's better for a global political movement than participating in a worldwide political election⁉️ Nothing! So our teams have started warming up our engines to prepare for this multi-year, historic effort. As usual, we are looking for great people to join us - from communication to campaigning, from partnerships to policy, brains & hearts are needed! If you want to fix the only genuine global governance the planet has and hope to make it happen before climate change devastates the globe or war rages further, please…


As you can see, many exciting things are coming Atlas' way. 2022 will be our year!

Let's be One!

Andrea & Colombe

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