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Dear friends,

It’s no news that the world is in a difficult place. Never more than today, we need Hope, and this is what this newsletter is all about. First, we propose a way forward in the many conflicts we are witnessing. Then, we share our first successful steps into establishing Atlas in the biggest democracy of the world, a milestone for our dream to unite people across the planet. Finally, we invite you all to our events on media freedom in a historical moment where authoritarian repression put at risk our ability to understand the world.

It’s a lot, but bringing Unity to our societies is no easy task. We will keep on pushing, and we hope you’ll accompany us along the way.


New conflicts see no end, while old ones burst open again and again. I'm asking you to take a minute. Actually, read this: Russia struck a mail depot in Kharkiv, killing 6 workers. Now read this as well, don’t look away: after the horrifying attack from Hamas, more than 5,000 human beings - mostly civilians and at least 2,000 children among them - have been murdered in Gaza by the Israeli Army. Not a paramilitary organization with medieval values but an actual army of a modern country. We are talking about people just like you and me, whose lives are being destroyed, families killed, and world torn apart. And now, please, take the time to ponder that these crimes were (and are) largely avoidable.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, we called for a NATO-imposed no-fly zone. This would have removed the ability of Russia to bomb Ukraine’s cities, taking away the biggest advantage of Putin’s army. We were labelled as insane and told repeatedly that we wanted to cause World War Three. 20 months into the war, this might have saved countless lives. What’s clear is we need to fully support Ukraine’s struggle for freedom because standing by democracy and rights means doing so systematically. 

When Hamas committed the horrible, despicable attack upon Israeli civilians, we condemned it and joined the choir, asking for Hamas to be prosecuted. We then said that for long-term peace in the region, an end to the occupation and apartheid of Palestine by Israel was needed. Not only is it illegal and inhuman, but it cannot lead to anything but destruction. The Israeli government used this attack to commit further war crimes and killings and displace more people instead of actually dealing with the need for peace. Two weeks and more than 5,000 Palestinian lives lost later, big portions of the world - especially in the West - are still supporting Israeli bombings that might amount to genocide. What will it take to stop the massacre and war crimes? How many people killed? What will be the number that will awaken the world? How many murders are too many murders?

The hypocrisy of countries in choosing to support some fighting for survival versus others is unacceptable. We need to systematically stand by rights, the law and what is just. Not only when easy or convenient. We mentioned Palestine and Ukraine, but those aren’t the only conflicts. there are many more tensions than the ones making headlines today, and more will emerge in the future. Unless…

Unless we manage to get enough power to raise the voices of those seeking justice from across the world, beyond borders, and unite our struggles to create a fair and free world. And we have an idea to do so: global political parties! This is the missing bit that can make international cooperation, diplomacy and conflict resolution possible, and it’s high time to make it happen. Global political parties will finally make it possible to come together beyond entrenched conflicts and finally - for example - free Palestine or have the long overdue conversation on how the West should provide reparation and find truth & reconciliation over its colonisation crimes. Global political parties will make it possible to deal with climate change in spite of national interests, tax multinational cooperation fairly, build global coalitions against dictators, and much more.

We have the technology to make this possible. We have the urgency. We are only missing the political will: this is what Atlas is attempting to build. If you believe that a new way is needed and that the world cannot continue to spin out of control this way, take a stance:



We are starting this political revolution from India, the biggest democracy in the world. 

Thanks to the amazing work of volunteers (especially of the brilliant Sandy and Rakshita!), Atlas has organized two successful launch events in New Delhi and Mumbai, gathering around 200 young, motivated people to build the party in the country. Our political offering is also taking shape: economic inclusion for the youth, a free and open democracy, and a great push to safeguard the environment and counter the climate crisis. 

Atlas India is thus working hard to grow its community and gearing up for student politics across the country as well as the 2024 Delhi state-level elections.

To make it happen, we need you. So join us:

You can also read Colombe’s weekly post on our efforts to build a global political party from the ground up here!


On the 1st weekend of each month, we gather to celebrate Unity and what it could mean for the world. We explore divisive questions, exchange on what might be done, and might just choose to take action for change! We do this because at Atlas, we aim to unite people, countries, and the world to achieve greater freedoms, equity, and well-being. We hope to inspire openness, collaboration, learning, and action through Unity Day. This is also a great moment to meet our political party!

Hence, Saturday 4th (and Sunday 5th) is Unity Day! Across the planet, we will be speaking about the crackdown on journalism, the ability to report and speak freely, and the transnational repression of authoritarian countries in this field. This is extremely relevant today, in a historical moment where media organizations are under pressure to stay independent of political pressure, report freely, and thrive in a changing technological landscape. Confirmed events include:

If you want to organise one, please respond to this email with the details.

Here it’s all. Let’s keep on pushing, building, and making Atlas a global political force in 2024. Onwards!


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