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Atlas Newsletter | Things are changing at Atlas

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Things are changing here at Atlas. This summer, we will wage our first political campaign, throwing our hat in the bid to choose the next leader of the United Nations. Who better than a global political movement can genuinely represent the will of the people of the world?


If you are keen to witness a political revolution of hope and Unity, read on! If not, maybe it's better to unsubscribe 🙃…

🤔 Where do we stand? 

To give you an eagle-eye view of where we stand as an organization, our founders have worked for a few weeks now on developing a philosophy/ideology of Unity, trying to systematize the values and principles that drove our collective work in the recent past. We will step up this work in the coming weeks and start publishing content about this.

In the meantime, as a team of volunteers, by cooperating to advance the global consultations, we have all contributed to laying the ground for an ambitious next step: the launch of our first global political campaign, which we intend to perform for the United Nations Secretary-General. This is a fundamental step to raise the profile of our organization, attract many more people across the planet, and open the door for political engagement at other levels of governance.

🚂 What's next?

So where should we head now? Well, now it's time to fire up our engine and become the global political movement we need to be to unite the planet. This means:

  1. First and foremost, we will organize an official launch of the UNSG campaign for mid-July 2023, the time when we usually gather as a movement. Please mark down July 15-16 on your calendar, as we will surely host an online/hybrid event for this purpose 👉 Here is the link to a "Save the Date" event on our website
  2. We must ensure the global consultations start gathering more content that can be used to lay the basis of a political program/vision for this campaign. This means we will soon restructure the debate on the consultations to allow for that 👉 If you never did, please log in and check it out!
  3. Lastly, but as importantly, we need human beings like you to build this movement further. 👉 If you have pledged to volunteer more in 2023, or are simply frustrated with how the world goes, head to this link and join our volunteer team!

I know it's a lot to take in, but we figured you should be fully up to date on what's coming next, and we will soon propose an open townhall for anyone interested to come and discuss all of this with our team.

How does it sound? 

Thank you for all your work. We are thrilled for the months ahead ;)


The Atlas Stellar Team


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PS: if you missed our event with Secretary-General Thomas Garrett -> CHECK IT OUT ON YOUTUBE!

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