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Atlas Newsletter | Are you ready for a revolution?

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Are you ready for a revolution?

By the end of this month, we plan to plant the seed for a good one: one that will lead humanity, our societies, and at least a share of the political power on the path of Unity, the key to our collective survival.

Our first political campaign will go live by the end of this month. Just like us, it will be global, bold, and opposed to the grim political tide that is currently sweeping the planet: the tide of closeness, the tide of giving up on fighting to solve the big dilemmas in front of our eyes and instead building a small enclosure to keep the world outside, as if anyone ever managed to do so.

Since the beginning of time, this contrast has existed. People pushing to go back in time laughed at, insulted, and sometimes persecuted those pushing for new radical approaches. But history has consistently shown a winning faction: progress always triumphs. The bigots lost, and women got the right to vote; the racists weakened their grip on the rule of law, and the oppressed rose to spectacular heights. Dictators ruined lives but never managed to stop life from coming back to the very same place they once ruled as despots.

One characteristic is shared among all the struggles that have made humanity progress in the face of adversity: a commitment to a higher cause. At Atlas, we lack many things - indeed, money, and our popularity is still in its infancy - but commitment is in our DNA. For years, we have fought the most challenging political battles, collecting a few wins and many speechless moments when new, horrific news rolled in, yet we never gave up. We stood for Hong Kong in the face of occupation; we pushed against vaccine apartheid; we stood by women in Afghanistan and Poland; we pushed for NATO’s intervention in Ukraine and pledged never to forget the 30,000 Palestinians killed just because they dared to live where they were born.

After many years of groundwork, this commitment has prepared us for our political transition. We sincerely believe that our very own survival is at risk: it’s impossible to ignore the wounds that climate change is causing our planet, the scars of dictatorships on billions of people, or the growing economic inequalities that make our society resemble dystopian novels. If the powerful will not listen to us and change course, we will take their power away.

On March 31st, this new chapter will begin. And we hope you want to be part of it.


Atlas is divided into six major volunteering teams operating this vast and fragile machine in their spare time, during coffee breaks, and jogs. A group of visionaries, if you ask me. As in every nascent endeavour, all these groups need more staffing and would genuinely enjoy your support. So, if you want to fight for a better future, here you have your chance - we need:

  • Campaign managers and operatives
  • Communicators
  • Community builders
  • Fundraisers and accountants
  • Policy drafters
  • Technologists

If you are one of them or wish to become one, fill out this form.


We dream global but act local. Politics is in this planet's living rooms, streets, and squares. Hence, very soon after the deployment of this first campaign, we intend to build national political parties standing for elections in national contests. We have a few pioneers spearheading this work in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Kenya, Germany, India, and Italy, but we want to do it everywhere.

So, if you are interested in helping out by building something around you or competing in some elections in your country, it’s never too early to start. Reply to this email, and we will make this happen together.


Not everyone wants to or can be on the front lines. Great changes are always fueled by many others who support from behind and help out when needed the most. Well, now is one of those times. We are about to launch a very daring political campaign, and what you can do, if you cannot contribute your time to our work, is to share a few dollars, euros, pesos, and pounds to help us go another mile and then another after that.

Would you offer us a coffee or a drink as a small reward for the efforts we are putting into this? If you can, please donate here!


So onwards, toward more daring goals as we intend to avoid looking the other way when the world is on fire.


Atlas Co-Founder

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