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Bonus 🎙 Members Episode | Equity for People with Disabilities

Having further fun with fundamental rights, 🥁  here's our first members' led episode of The Equitist: Thai Atlas volunteer Peerada Ngamsnae meets fellow Atlassians to talk about what a fairer and more free world could look like!

Once a month, Peerada will talk to Atlas' members about who they are, what are some of the global issues they experience that brought them to join Atlas, and how we might go about solving them!

In this pilot episode for members, Peerada meets Omar Cueria Fernández, an International Affairs student from Spain. Our very active Atlas member has plenty of interests he would like to talk about in mind, from geopolitics to urban design. Omar, however, gave us an opportunity to have a heated discussion on something he holds very close to his heart - the rights of people with disabilities.




Key topics:

Getting to know about Omar [00:51]

Omar’s issue of interest: the rights of people with disabilities [03:14]

The exclusion of people with disabilities from history and halls of power [03:44]

Disability as a taboo topic and the birth of misconceptions [04:53]

Life as a disabled person in Spain and how to provide tools [10:42]

On people with disabilities in Japan and Thai footpaths [12:59]

Omar’s personal experience on “invisible” disabilities [16:17]

Closing remarks: to listeners and aspiring Atlassians [18:45] 

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