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Atlas Newsletter | 2023: the year for global democracy 🕊️

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Read on to find out what new year resolution you should put in place, what to binge-watch during your time off and more 🎄


Dear Friends,

At the dusk of 2022, we find ourselves looking back at this troubled year. Following the global pandemic and massive attacks on democracy in previous years, we all hoped that 2022 would be different 🔥. That we would be more united, less isolated, and that the world would take a new direction toward equity and, dare we say … happiness. 

However, Russia's invasion of Ukraine caused unimaginable sufferance, revealed once more Putin’s imperialistic neurosis, and sent energy prices up the roof 📈, impacting the global economy. Needless to say, much more happened in the last 365 days, from great scientific advancements (give it up for nuclear fusion!) to many more difficulties (floods in Nigeria, refugees stranded at sea in Europe & Asia, and much more).

But you don't look at Atlas for year-end recaps: if you are here, it's because you hope that together we can find solutions ✊ and put them into practice to create a free, equitable, and open world. A place where all humans, regardless of where they live, can thrive in communities not torn apart by inequalities, that are open and inclusive, and where everyone feels free.

So how are we doing on this front? Not so bad



After two years of campaigning on many fronts and months of grueling research and debate, which culminated in our first General Assembly in Geneva🇨🇭, we figured out one thing for sure: we have so far failed to create a global governance system to administer our planet, tame global challenges, and nurture shared opportunities. That’s why we decided to dedicate our capacity to designing, building, and launching a Democratic System of Global Governance 🌏. You can imagine it as a global country or parliament: what’s important is that it must be people-led and transnational,  a system in which humans unite beyond national borders!

What now? 

Throughout 2023, we will conduct consultations 👂 to ask the people of the planet how a global governance should work - which role, competencies, bodies, and processes we wish for it, how it could be designed to be inclusive for all cultures and nations, and so on. Instead of preaching, we will be listening because technocratic institutions already exist, while people-backed ones are rare. Once this task is done, it's going to be a fast ride: we will first attempt to make the 🇺🇳 United Nations adopt our ideas by filing a candidate in the 2026 Secreatary-General race (as we already tried), and then - if they do not listen to us - we will actually build this global governance from the grassroots, all the way up to the ivory tower.

The only way this is going to work? If YOU take a small step - or more - to make this possible. So ahead of the New Year, let’s make three joint resolutions for the good of humanity

In 2023, let’s:

💭 Think outside of the box for the good of humanity: contribute to our online consultations with your ideas once a week! Sign up here, and we will make it easier for you to keep up with this good habit with regular notifications.

☀️ Get out for democracy: attend a physical event or, even better, help us organize one to create bridges with others willing to build a more united world

💕 Become part of a community taking action: there are many ways to do so! You can: 1) volunteer to join our team or even step up and apply to become a team leader (we still need heroes like you!), but if your time is limited but your heart is big, you can 2) become a memberor 3) donate to help us thrive despite the upcoming economic downturn.

But let’s not lie; the most important request we have for you ahead of 2023 is: please do not stay idle 💥 - most humans just go with the flow, and this has led to terrible things in the past. If you are reading this message, you aren't one of them, and we trust you can add your weight to make these new times good times.


Happy New Year to all 23,000 Atlassians  🥳

Andrea & Colombe


PS: if you are taking time off and looking to bin-watch 🍿 a show that won’t destroy all your neurons in a couple of minutes, check out our youtube show How To Build A Country

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