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Digital town hall | Climate Change and COVID-19

A word on our digital town hall from NOW!'s communication manager, Bettina:

Dear Friends,

I wanted to personally thank you for joining our second digital town hall: "Sorry, Climate Change Hasn’t Gone Away Just Because of COVID-19". I hope that just like us you left the webinar more inspired than ever. 

When it comes to tackling the climate crisis, the world has definitely a lot to learn from young activists like Vanessa Nakate, who has overcome many obstacles in her fight to seek climate justice. In those uncertain times brought by the pandemic, she reminds us that “climate change is a crisis just like the coronavirus and it has been killing people for a long time”.  I could not agree more with that statement, the world cannot afford to disregard the other global emergency that is climate change.

Indeed, the reality is that climate change is affecting countries all over the world yet we see that non-western voices are too often excluded from important discussions. For the sake of the planet and our human societies, we need to do better in ensuring that everyone can have a seat at the table.



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Personally, I am thrilled to see that great change-makers like Vanessa are leading the way in these important double-edged issues. At NOW!, we believe that important conversations like these should be followed by meaningful actions. I’m thus asking you to spend a few seconds to sign our petition and spread the word to achieve just that: click here.

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