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Limited Hong Kong Protests documentary book sets for donations over $200 (UK only)

The protesters in Hong Kong got the world's attention in 2019. Their tactics, organization, and their art of resistance inspire freedom movements around the world. 

Thanks to the support of a generous donor, we have 10 sets of VOICES and DEFIANCE for the first 10 donations over $200! 

Get a photographic chronicle and a protest artwork collection of this important chapter of Hong Kong history. Donate and Support our work!


Delivery limited to the UK only. Special delivery from our team if you are in London 💫


About the book

DEFIANCE - Photographics documentary of Hong Kong’s awakening 

For the entirety of the protests — from the early vast marches to the violent police arrests to the vandalism and the eventual ballot box victory — some of the world’s best local and international photographers were there to bear witness. Photojournalists were at the front lines of the battle for Hong Kong, to capture with their lenses some of the most intimate moments and the most pivotal events. 

DEFIANCE is a photographic chronicle of the most unforgettable year in Hong Kong’s history. With these images taken by 67 local and international photographers, readers will relive this remarkable period, the year the people stood defiant and Hong Kong awakened. This is the story of the awakening, as they saw it and photographed it. 

Hard Back | 224 pages | Text: Bilingual English and Traditional Chinese

VOICES - The art of resistance

VOICES is a collection of artwork, slogans, and verse by 50 anonymous artists during the Hong Kong protest movement. From the very beginning of the protests with the first mass rally in June, Hong Kong’s artists have found creative inspiration in the drama unfolding in the streets, and their work has in turn given visual expression to the people’s anguish, anger, and anxiety — through poster art, graffiti, Cantonese wordplay, and widely shared internet memes. At some of the darkest moments, artists have provided levity and relief, and the added fuel to keep the momentum alive.

Hard Back | 239 pages | Text: Bilingual English and Traditional Chinese




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  • Stephen Ng
    commented 2022-02-21 15:39:29 UTC
    All the remaining stocks were sold out at the ICA Welcoming Hongkongers Day held on 19.02.2022 at the Islington Chinese Association, all proceeds go to ICA (Registered Charity 1042435). These are the last sets in the UK to be sold here, all funds go for safeguarding Democracy, Human Rights and Liberty!

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