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Unity Day Recap 🌏 | How to create a common front against authoritarianism

On October 8th, we held Unity Days online and offline in Delhi 🇮🇳, Nairobi 🇰🇪 and Milan 🇮🇹 to celebrate what it means to come together and what it could mean for the world. 

This month, we discussed how global politics might be the answer to countering authoritarianismNo country alone has the leverage to push back against authoritarian states or protect freedoms: it is fundamental to present a common front. For democracy to be won, we must work together. We must organise an alternative global alliance, for democracies only, to protect, promote, and innovate democracy worldwide.


We held a unity day event in Nairobi on strategies for balancing economic stability, human rights and governance in Kenya. And let's just say it was a success. Not only did the team gather a great crowd, but they came up with concrete policy solutions to work on and push forward! 


We hosted our first Atlas India event in partnership with the Green Pencil Foundation. This is the first step to establishing a political party capable of pushing our vision of a united world pushing for equity, freedom and well-being.

30 people came to talk about Atlas and how democracy can best solve social issues. The team then talked about the strategy for Atlas India and is getting started to change the world!


Online, 🎙️  Tamara Adrian  (candidate for the 2023 Venezuelan Presidential Primary Elections) joined our co-founder Colombe Cahen-Salvador for a panel to explore how to build a common front against authoritarianism. 

When talking about Venezuela, Tamara Adrian said: "The only applicable sanctions rights now are financial ones and "moral" ones, but nowadays they are ineffective [dictatorships come together and evade them]. In the meantime, the cost of dictators to leave power has increased a lot because of the International Criminal Court and similar mechanisms.”

She suggested an unpopular approach: create a safe haven, whether officially or unofficially, for dictators willing to leave power to just go and leave the rest of us to rebuild our societies. By being able to leave safely, they might be more willing to abandon power. A divisive question we discussed.

How can you help?

🔜 Join us to meet others, understand what you can do to show unity, and test with us this new model! 

🔜 Participate in or Organize a unity day somewhere! Check out our event page for in-person Unity Days and email us at [email protected] if you want to host one ;)

What do we stand for? 🗳️ Democracy, 🌈 Human Rights & Freedoms (e.g., LGBTQ+ rights, abortion rights), ⚙️ Free, Fair & Sustainable Economy, 🤝 Solidarity, and 🌱 Ecologism.

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