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HK Citizen News - Overseas group launch a survey on "creating a government in exile for Hong Kong"

This news story was originally published on Hong Kong Citizen News on December 4th 2021. 

The Hong Kong legislative elections will take place on December 19th, 2021, in a climate that is anything but democratic: Hongkongers can no longer express their voice or votes inside the city and have no representation outside. This must change. 

On December 3rd, 2021, Atlas launched a survey to gauge Hongkongers view to create a Democratic Government in Exile to represent Hong Kongers and their interest in front of the international community, and to provide certain key state services. We would petition the UK parliament to recognise such a government and support its creation. But first, we want to hear from Hong Kongers on whether there is demand for such a Hong Kong Government in Exile and how it should work.

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