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We have big news!

For the last year, we have been campaigning for social change all over the planet through NOW!, and we run for the top position of the United Nations at Forward. Well, we are merging them to increase our chances to create a united, free & equitable world. So 🥁 🥁 🥁 meet “Atlas”, the new face of NOW! and Forward

Meet Atlas, the global, progressive social & political movement working for a free & equitable future. Meet Atlas, pushing for global change through social campaigns, electoral activities, and direct actions to change the world. 

For the last month, we have been working with leaders setting up teams for all workstreams, consolidated national and local teams, and set strategies for the years to comeBefore getting into all of this, join or volunteer ⤵️




Atlas is the global progressive social & political movement uniting people for a free and equitable future.

🌏 Global, because the founding belief of Atlas is that our future is global and cannot be tackled by working alone, and hence we must unite to seize opportunities and tackle challenges.

⚡️Progressive, because Atlas is committed to seek constant progress, expand freedom and rights, ensure that historical wrongs are made right and that individuals can express their full potential regardless of their background or social upbringing.

🎯 Social and political, because Atlas strives to impact change at the grassroots level, from outside and inside the halls of power.

Our Story | Context 


A free and equitable future for this planet! Atlas strives to reach a bold new frontier for humankind, by creating a new harmonious society where differences make us stronger, instead of dividing us.

Altas is anchored and driven by the defense and promotion of the following five cardinal values: 

🗳️ Democracy,

🌈 Human Rights & Freedoms,

⚙️ Free, Fair & Sustainable Market Economy, 

🤝 Solidarity, and 

🌱 Ecologism.


Besides trying to change the world? 😅 Jokes aside, we are focusing on three streams of work to create a future worth fighting for: 

Community building 🏘️ | Atlas is building a global community of doers that lives by our values, pushes through activism and electoral campaigns, and proves that working as One to solve world issues is not only possible but the way forward.

Activism campaigns ✊| Atlas is pushing activism campaigns to achieve change, through advocacy campaigns (by pressuring decision-makers via grassroots mobilization) and “proof of concepts” campaigns (aka. walking the talk).

Electoral races 🏃🏾‍♀️| Atlas is working to get people in power to create the change we want. Depending on the setting (case by case), Atlas files candidates in other movements/parties lists, builds coalitions with other movements/parties, or runs as a movement.


1️⃣ Because we cannot continue to accept a society in which where you grew up, how you look, or your socio-economic background determines your future. Differences should make us stronger 🦁 instead of dividing us.

2️⃣ Because the future is global: climate change, pandemics, authoritarianism, space exploration 🛰️, artificial intelligence - no way our countries can deal with this alone. We need to unite fast.

3️⃣ Because this is the right time: after a storm, sunshine breaks through 🌤️. Let’s challenge the status quo on the streets and in the halls of power, everywhere.


If you managed to read this very long email, we are definitely looking for committed members like yourself! Take one or all these actions:

And if you still have questions, join our Live Q&A every Tuesday at 10 am New York time, 11 am Buenos Aires time, 3 pm London time, 5 pm Nairobi time, 10 pm Hong Kong time (all the details are here)


Follow us on our main social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube

Thank you for your trust and support. We will change the world, together.

All the best,

Andrea Venzon & Colombe Cahen-Salvador

On behalf of the Atlas team


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