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Atlas | Hong Kong Government in Exile Survey Results

Ahead of the undemocratic Hong Kong legislative elections of December 19th, 2021, Atlas’ members tried to understand what can be the long-term vision of democracy for Hong Kong. Many ideas came up, including the one of setting up a government in exile, following the example of Tibet.

As a result, Atlas ran from Dec 3rd to Dec 19th 2021 a survey to understand whether Hongkongers supported the idea of setting up a Democratic Government in Exile to represent Hong Kongers and their interest in front of the international community, and to provide certain key state services. 

748 people participated and gave a clear answer: 94.8%  think establishing a Government in Exile would be useful (either operationally or symbolically).

Throughout this period, Atlas also held online events to discuss what such a government could look like, its potential and risks that should be averted.

You can check them out: 

👉 Virtual Town Hall Recap: Could Tibet be the model for Hong Kong?

👉 Twitter Space: What’s next for democracy in Hong Kong?

Next steps: 

  • Following the closing of the survey and considering the clear results, we will petition the UK parliament to recognise such a government and support its creation. 
  • We are working on setting this up with volunteers at the moment. We call on all democracy lovers to volunteer with us to set this up!

Find the detailed results of the survey below:


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