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Press Release | Atlas announces its intention to become a global political party

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Atlas is poised to become the first global political party uniting people worldwide to create a freer, better and more equitable planet. On September 15, 2023, the founders, together with 24,000 supporters from 134 countries, will announce the movement's transformation into a global political party

EARTH (Sept 15th, 2023)Atlas, the global advocacy organization counting more than 24,000 members across 134 countries, has announced its intention to become a global political party. After three years of advocacy work on topics such as climate, democracy, and vaccine access, the members have established that Atlas shall begin to engage in electoral politics. 

This decision came as the organisation analyzed the current landscape of global affairs, where the emergence of an international, multi-crises situation – ranging from the climate emergency to surging inequalities and conflicts – requires new ways to coordinate political response beyond the traditional framework of nation-states. As such, Atlas will lead the way by constituting itself as a global political party, holding its first General Assembly in September 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as Online. "The creation of the first global political party in history is an important milestone in the construction of a free, equitable, and better future,” commented Andrea Venzon. “Thanks to the experience we have accumulated by funding Volt Europa and by leading Atlas in its first phase, we believe that we have solid foundations to bring our political organization to the next level.  I cannot wait to bring our vision to the world.”

The agenda that the party will pursue will advance the Philosophy of Unity, a revolutionary manifesto calling for humanity to unite beyond differences and work towards a fairer, freer, and better future. According to this vision, a United society must be anchored within the fundamental principles of Freedom, Equity, and Well-being. To achieve those principles, three systemic reforms are needed: 1. Democratize wealth and power, 2. Ensure equity among groups, and 3. Unite Beyond Borders. Details are available at

Atlas will soon share an invitation to its Founding General Assembly with all interested media organizations. For any further queries or to be kept updated regularly on the party's operations, please reach out to Atlas’ Media Team.


About Atlas – Atlas is the global political party in the making uniting people worldwide to create a freer, better and more equitable planet.

Atlas Media Team: [email protected]


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