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A UN for the survival of humanity – activist Colombe Cahen-Salvador announces her candidacy for UN Secretary General

You can find the original article on The Albanian Post website at this link.

An unexpected and unusual campaign has been announced by the well-known activist of the global political movement Atlas, Colombe Cahen-Salvador, who has declared that she will be part of the race to be elected as Secretary General of the UN in the year 2026Through a letter addressed to the media, Cahen-Salvador has presented a platform for her candidacy, where support is also requested to have further competition opportunities.

In the platform, she mentions major issues such as climate change, technologies not yet regulated, wars, nuclear weapons, dictatorships, pandemics, or poverty, which are putting humanity today at risk and the United Nations is showing incompetence through its leadership, to address these challenges.

Even the leader of the UN, the Secretary General, is chosen through a dark process, controlled by several countries that try to maintain the status quo, the activist writes further in her announcement.

Why is she running?

“To be honest, I never thought I would write such a message. I never thought I would do such a campaign. But our survival is at stake. Climate change, artificial intelligence, wars, dictatorships, pandemics and poverty all have the potential to destroy humanity if not dealt with quickly.”

This is how Cahen-Salvador starts her campaign.

For her, no one is dealing with those issues properly, with no signs of that changing. National leaders are more concerned with staying in power and prioritizing their own interests, she concludes, as no global institution is taking the lead.

“This scares me deeply. But more than that, it makes me angry.”

“This is why I decided to lead the Atlas campaign to challenge the selection process of the Secretary General of the United Nations,” the announcement continues. “Of course I have a long way to go. The composition of this organization means that ultimately, five countries (US, UK, France, China and Russia) make key decisions and have veto power. That alone means that someone pushing for radical change, not the status quo, is unlikely to please them. But that’s exactly the point. That is why we must act.”

What can this campaign achieve?

According to Cahen-Salvador, there are three points that can be achieved through this campaign.

Here they are, laid out according to her:

-Together, joining in our millions, we can elect the next leader of the UN and also change the system itself, leaving it no choice but to reform itself.

-Together, we can tackle the very threats that threaten our survival. Our political program can become a reality by building a mass movement behind it around the world.

-Together, we can start a political revolution. This is not about me. It really isn’t. I am just the tip of this survival movement that will make waves gaining power in cities, countries and regions around the world.

Who is Cahen-Salvador and what does the movement entail?

Atlas co-founder Colombe Cahen-Salvador will lead the campaign as a survival candidate. It will challenge the status quo, refuse to appease member states, or seek their approval, and instead seek to represent “We the People”.

Cahen-Salvador is not new to such efforts. In 2021, together with Atlas co-founder Andrea Venzon, she tested people’s willingness to participate in global political processes with a flash campaign that brought a people-backed Secretary-General candidate to the attention of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

However, this campaign will not be a stunt this time, as Cahen-Salvador says: “We don’t have the luxury of time or blind hope anymore. We must act quickly, decisively and radically. This is why I decided to lead the Atlas campaign to challenge the selection process of the United Nations Secretary-General. Through this campaign, we can bring millions of people together for survival, push for urgent action and shake up the status quo to reform the outdated UN system.”

Over the next two years of the campaign, Atlas will work at the grassroots level to mobilize 1 million people to support this campaign. In addition, Atlas is now preparing a global summit, which will be held on July 20-21, where the political program of the campaign will be officially voted.

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