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To make our vision of an Equitist world possible, volunteers push forth our activities on many fronts, from advocacy to elections. Thanks to their work, Atlas became a laboratory for change, constantly innovating to create a fairer world. We do so through:

Advocacy ✊| We enable people to use our platform to launch more easily, faster and in a decentralized manner advocacy campaigns. Thanks to people like you, we advocate for legislative change in front of governments and international organizations by launching activist campaigns, organizing protests, and pressuring decision-makers.

Politics 🏃🏾‍♀️| We are building up a global political force for people to champion our vision in electoral races across the planet. From supporting candidates, creating coalitions, to running as a political movement, ​we work hard to bring activists in the halls of power across the planet, and make wrongs rights.

Incubator  💡 | We are continuing to work on an incubator to accelerate ‘proofs of concepts’ projects: the enablers needed to create an equitist society. Whenever we see that something structural is missing to create a better world, we build it ourselves. This is why we have created an Incubator, a team of people dedicated to designing, planning, and launching those “enablers.” Our first? A digital state!

If you want to help us in bringing forward the Equitist revolution, join us 🔥

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