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We are hungry for change, so we make it happen on our own when needed! 

At Atlas, we have started a center of innovation called   💡 “the Incubator” tasked with building and spinning off solutions - or enablers as we like to call them - needed to make our societies more equitable. In practice, while advocacy and political campaigns are critical tools to achieving change, they cannot build an equitable world on their own. For this, we need a systemic change, a new governance model 🗳️. Modeled as a start-up incubator, this stream of work aims to bring together capital and top minds to develop cutting-edge concepts.

Our first project is of one of developing a democratic global governance to achieve its vision of a united and equitable world. To do so, it has initiated the project of founding the 🤯 first transnational digital state of the history of humankind! 

Let's build the first Digital State!

🌍 Context At Atlas, we advocate creating a global governance infrastructure that could give a voice to people worldwide, overcome national interests, and ensure that humanity can tackle global challenges and harness...
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