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Who we are❓

We believe that for humanity to thrive, we must unite across borders and change how the world works. 

So we decided to get our hands dirty and start building this new world where all humans, regardless of where they live, can thrive in communities that are not torn apart by inequalities, and that are open and inclusive.

Atlas' 23,000 supporters in over 130 countries are building a global movement for a free, equitable, and united future. From the grassroots to the halls of power, we will not stop until we succeed.

About Atlas 

Atlas is the global movement that organizes and mobilizes people across the world 🌏 to make our vision of a united planet a reality. Since 2020, we have campaigned to fight against authoritarianism, climate change, and inequalities, and the best is yet to come!

Our Story 

What we stand for

We define ourselves as Equitists! Equitism is a novel progressive philosophy promoting the idea that no group should have less power or fewer benefits or rights than any other group, whether these are determined by race, geography, gender, age, ability, religion, or any other qualifying trait.

Despite enjoying an age of unprecedented global prosperity, discrimination, and inequity among world groups strain the planet and humanity's future. We seek to create an Equitist Revolution of perception and understanding of what global equity could look like and the actions required to pursue that goal and make it a reality. Nothing short of a radical change in global mindset and policy will alter the course 💥💥💥.

About Equitism


By the way, our fundamental values are:

🗳️ Democracy,

🌈 Human Rights & Freedoms (e.g., LGBTQ+ rights, abortion rights),

⚙️ Free, Fair & Sustainable Economy,

🤝 Solidarity, and

🌱 Ecologism.

What we have achieved

Here are some of the things we are the proudest of ⤵️

🚀 Launched multiple activism campaigns on topics such as democracy, vaccines, women’s rights, and climate. An example of concrete impact? The director of WHO promised to push our vaccines campaign,

🚀 Ran a political campaign challenging the U.N. Secretary-General Selection process and elected a former head of state as a candidate, which was discussed at the U.N. General Assembly,

🚀 Reached more than 5 million people on social media & recruited +20,000 supporters, and organized hundreds of events, protests & actions across the world,

🚀 Built a coalition of leading politicians from 4 continents and involved leading influencers, including Joshua Wong, Juan Guaido, Veronica Tsapkala, and Audrey Tang,

🚀 Appeared in leading publications such as The New York Times, BBC, Vice, The Economist, Al Jazeera, The Independent, Euronews, Hong Kong Free Press, and tv stations. Gave a TED talk, which supported the further growth of the movement.

Our Past Campaigns 


Andrea Venzon | Co-founder
Andrea Venzon | Co-founder
Colombe Cahen-Salvador | Co-founder
Colombe Cahen-Salvador | Co-founder