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Happy International Women’s Day! Today is the day that we launch our #RunLikeAWoman campaign to have equal representation in politics!

The campaign consists of a pledge by politicians to achieve parity, petitions to national parliaments to pass adequate legislation, and a social media awareness-raising campaign to unite people across the world.


We believe that the lack of representation in political positions is the root cause of most gender-related discrimination and a global problem that all countries share. This is why through #RunLikeAWoman, we will fight tirelessly to achieve parity across the world. And we are not alone. 

On day one, we already have over 30 politicians from all continents who decided not to wait for others to do good but do it themselves. Wondering who they are? Mayors, Senators, UN representatives, former presidents and ministers, you name it! Sign the campaign asking your Parliament to take action & join them in fighting for women’s rights!

We will not stop there, we will not settle for one day of advocacy a year, we will do everything in our power to achieve parity. We will work on building a broader coalition of politicians throughout the world who will pass adequate legislation, we will pressure governments by uniting citizens and amplifying each other’s voice, organize protests, lobby and we will continue to raise awareness on the issue both digitally and physically.

We will not way centuries to see true equality, we will all #RunLikeAWoman from today onward. 

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