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“Health Workers First” Campaign Update | 4 days to go until the World Health Assembly

On Tuesday, May 12th 2020, we launched the Health Workers First campaign, demanding that the World Health Organization ensures that all health workers across the world get priority access to a COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of their nationality. Indeed, after having hailed them as heroes for the last months, it is now time to stand by those who have been saving our lives and kept us safe during this global pandemic. 


The WHO has the power to do just that at its upcoming annual World Health Assembly next week, where all 186 member states will gather digitally to decide on the future of global health. That’s why we sent a letter to the WHO Director-General asking him to work to ensure that health workers across the world get first access to vaccines.

To ensure that the WHO acts, we also launched a petition to put pressure on the Director-General and world leaders. Tens of prominent health workers from across the globe also decided to act and amplify our voice, to ensure that no colleague was left behind. Within hours of the launch, we gathered significant support from concerned citizens. Finally, Al Jazeera and the Independent published our call for solidarity and action at the upcoming World Health Assembly, asking the WHO to do whatever it takes to protect health workers.

   Doctor Cleavon Gilman  Doctor Chin-Hong and nurse

We now have 4 days before the World Health Assembly - the plenary session of the WHO - convenes on Monday, May 18th. We are thus focusing our efforts in outreach to the relevant stakeholders in this institution to ensure that they table our request, and getting as many health workers and people across the world to take action and sign the petition.

Whilst the Assembly happens every year, this year will decide what the future holds for global health. Together with your help and the health workers coalition, we will work to get an answer from the WHO Director-General, who we hope will  put #HealthWorkersFirst. 

Join our call to ensure that no health worker is left behind. Stand by those who have risked everything to protect you from Coronavirus!


Are you a health worker or an organization interested in joining the campaign? Email us at [email protected]

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