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Atlas Newsletter | One year in, the fight goes on 🇺🇦✊

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One year ago, the shadows of war were once more casted above Europe, and beyond. The lives of millions of Ukrainians have been upheld, but the people of those lands showed us what true courage is. In the first days of the invasion they almost lost everything they had, but instead of bowing they decided to stand up, look the enemy in the eye, and - paraphrasing the famous line of the defenders of Snake Island - they screamed "Putin, go f**k yourself!". One year in, we stand with Ukraine, and we stand by the message we shared with you one year ago, in the early hours of the invasion:

"Today, more than ever, it’s clear that the struggle between freedom and authoritarianism is raging. Today more than ever it is clear that to stand a chance we must unite, that democracies must form a block."

And while hoping for Putin to be soon trialed at the International Criminal Court, we cannot avoid sparing a thought for all the Russians that have been sacrificed as cannon fodder, fueling the dream of a mad dictator.

If you have any thoughts to share with us for this gloomy anniversary, please write us back. In addition, please check out this newsletter to hear how we plan to unleash our joint potential, join some upcoming events and check out some news.

1. Let's talk about Unity 

There is no need to explain how the world is ever more divided and going the wrong way - today, more than ever, makes it obvious. The status quo is simply untenable, but what is the alternative? At Atlas, we believe that the only way forward for humanity is the one of embracing true Unity! 

In the last few weeks we have thought long and hard about how to create a cultural shift, a change in mindset, a cultural Evolution: one in which unity is the key to a future of plenitude, where humans feel strong belonging to their communities, communities cooperate with one another to unleash unthinkable benefits for themselves and our planet.  

If you want to share ideas on this topic, please reach out: we are doing our best to make this happen.

2. Have a say on global democracy💡

Since January, we have started what we call "consultations": basically an effort to gather your ideas on what you expect from democracy, and what type of world you want to live in. Why? Well, many of us are unhappy with the status quo, but what is our vision of the world of tomorrow? We believe that it should be up to us to define it, before campaigning campaign it. So make your voice heard 📣:

To get started, how about checking out this debate on how to create a global consciousness. 

3. Attend an event 🫶

In order to better brainstorm to create the world of tomorrow, we are hosting a series of events online:

🌍 March 4th | A joint discussion between the World Federalist Movement & Atlas, RSVP here

🇺🇸  March 16th |A talk with Secretary General Garrett on Global Democracy, RSVP here

🇬🇧 March 30th | A Citizen approach to democracy & governance with Jon Alexander, RSVP here

4. Read 🗞️

Here you can find a couple of resources to reflect about today's world:

  1. A very powerful piece about the early hours of the war, written by a young Ukranian leading an educational charity in the country
  2. An emotional video of actresses Helen Mirren reading a poem during yesterday's vigil for Ukraine in Trafalgar Square, London


Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, and let’s change the world together! #WeAreOne!


Andrea & Colombe


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