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Survival Sunday | Wars & Nuclear Weapons

Join us for our first Survival Sunday on how to stop wars and abolish nuclear weapons

📍Online & TBD

🗓️ June 16th, 2024

🕰️ 8 am UTC, for 5 hours! 

We are running to become United Nations Secretary-General to ensure humanity’s survival. That's why we are hosting this Survival Sunday. 

The wars in Ukraine and Gaza make headlines around the world, while others continue to destroy Ethiopia, Libya, Myanmar, the Sahel region, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and other countries. Hundreds of thousands die, more are injured, and entire areas are razed to the ground. Conflicts deny fundamental rights and dreams to whole generations, devastate ecosystems and erase cultural heritage.

Today’s wars divide nations close to breaking point, paralysing the United Nations. The institution is stuck in the hands of superpowers, refusing to stand by international rules, hypocritically choosing when to act against aggression and when to provide diplomatic cover to war crimes. Humanity’s best chance to decrease conflicts and avert the risk of nuclear war is to radically reform the United Nations so that it can end wars, regulate weapons and ensure our survival. It must have the competencies, legitimacy, and resources needed.

Join this event to develop radical ideas on how to do so.

What are #SurvivalSundays? Monthly radical grassroots consultations to harness your ideas, vision, and passion to solve the most urgent threats of our times. The United Nations is too remote, isolated and out of touch with the people of our planet. Through #SurvivalSundays, we change this, involving individuals and communities from around the planet. And we mean it: our teams of volunteers will then take those ideas, work on them and we will push them in our electoral campaign. 

How can you participate? Survival Sundays take place both online and in person! So register, and we will send you all the information (if you want to host a decentralised in-person event, reach out).

What will happen? We will involve you to create a genuine political revolution. We know it may be daunting to be challenged with coming up with ideas to save the world, but we have your back. We have facilitated many successful consultations before. Together, we will 1) Identify the core sticking points/issues, 2) Prioritize the topics to be discussed, 3) develop concrete solutions that we will push forward in our UN campaign. The event is set to last 5 hours. We will offer participation via Zoom as well for those who cannot make it in person.

More details coming soon.

And don't forget to endorse our campaign! 

June 16, 2024
8am - 1pm
Colombe Cahen-Salvador ·
James Mclaughlin

Will you come?

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