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Statement on the end of Russia's UNSC Presidency

Despite our best efforts - protests, email blasts, media pressure - we only managed to push four nations to boycott Russia’s Presidency of the United Nations Security Council. This could be a good success for many, but not for us. For us, the only acceptable scenario was the one where Ukraine could feel the real support of the world and not just more empty words.

We cannot stomach any more war criminals chairing the body in charge of global peace, while most democratic nations do not have the guts to even walk out of a meeting. We cannot accept world leaders and corporations cozying up to Russia or China, where it is estimated that almost 1 million Uyghurs are kept in re-education camps. We cannot look away when the lives of hopeful, innocent citizens are wasted away by bombs only because they were born in a country that borders a failed Empire. 

Many of you feel like us; we know it. But so far, no one has got a real solution to stop democracy and freedom from being eroded, times and times again. And while we look in dismay, the madness increase: authoritarians become bolder in their actions, communities remain under attack and divisions deepen. No great leader or organization is turning the tide: Goliath seems invincible.

However, if you have followed our work in the last three years, you might have noticed a couple of things: we never back down, and we always keep the fire of hope alive, as there’s too much injustice in this world to rest. From the fight to liberate Hong Kong to make Russia pay for its crime, we are committed to being on the right side of history and finally prevail.

To all the Ukrainians who have looked at us for a tiny drop of hope and international solidarity: you have found a family, a family of 24,000 people ready to stand up for Ukraine. 

To everyone - Ukrainian or not - looking for a glimmer of light into the darkness that has surrounded our societies, look no further: we are working hard to bring our message of unity to all people, regardless of where they come from, to form a global community devoted to freedom, equity, and the pursuit of wellbeing. In unity lies strength, and now more than ever, we must unite to fight back.

Russia still sits in the Security Council, but most importantly, Ukraine still stands tall: let’s ensure that the latter never changes.

Key Facts About #UNBoycottRussia Campaign

  • Pushed representatives of Albania, Malta, the United Kingdom, and the United States to boycott the April 6th UNSC meeting chaired by Russia
  • Sent 1353 emails to UN Ambassadors to ask for a boycott
  • Received public support by Ukraine Ambassador to the United Nations, Sergiy Kyslytsya
  • Co-hosted and attended protests in London and New York City with Ukrainian organizations to support the boycott
  • Published two opinion pieces on Politico and Passblue
  • Received press coverage by leading media outlets, including Le Monde and Voice of America

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