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Statement in response to the United Kingdom's decision to boycott Russia's upcoming meeting in the UNSC

Atlas welcomes the United Kingdom’s decision not to participate in Russia’s upcoming United Nations Security meeting on its alleged war crimes for the forced deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia. 

Following days of campaign, protests, and over a thousand emails sent to United Nations Security Council ambassadors, we are glad to see the UK taking action to stop this sham of a meeting. Here is a comment from our co-founder Andrea Venzon

“We are extremely glad that the voice of thousands of citizens across the world made it to the corridors of power and pushed the United Kingdom to do what’s right. We see no reason why other friendly nations should not follow suit and ruin Russian attempts to rewrite the narrative around their war crimes. Often, the path to change and impact is long and hazardous: this time, it’s not. We know what is right and how to make it happen. We will not stop until we prevail.”

We call on France, the UK, the US, Albania, Brazil, Ecuador, Gabon, Ghana, Japan, Malta, Mozambique, Switzerland, and the U.A.E to boycott today’s meeting as well, but not only. Member states of the United Nations Security Council need to go beyond condemnations and systematically boycott Russia’s presidency when possible. 

If only six more countries join this effort, Russia’s presidency will be rendered useless (more here).

We thank supporters for their efforts and will continue to campaign.


Find here a video message from Atlas’ co-founder, Colombe Cahen-Salvador.

Find here the statement put out by the United Kingdom.

“Tomorrow, Russia will hold an informal @UN meeting on “evacuating” Ukrainian children from Ukraine to Russia. Russia has invited Maria Lvova-Belova to brief. The ICC issued an arrest warrant for her last month. The UK Ambassador will not be participating. Maria Lvova-Belova is allegedly responsible for the war crimes of unlawful deportation and unlawful transfer of Ukrainian children. We blocked the meeting from being broadcast on UNTV. She should not be afforded a UN platform to spread disinformation. If Maria Lvova-Belova wants to give an account of her actions, she can do so in the Hague.”

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